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SH-20 Intelligent Infrared Temperature Measurement HelmetSH-20 Intelligent Infrared Temperature Measurement HelmetSH-20 Intelligent Infrared Temperature Measurement HelmetSH-20 Intelligent Infrared Temperature Measurement Helmet

SH-20 Intelligent Infrared Temperature Measurement Helmet

  • 1. Personnel information matches its temperature measurement information, and automatically records and stores;
  • 2. Directly display the heating status of the surrounding personnel through the helmet optical waveguide and warn the heating personnel in real time;
  • 3. With face recognition, license plate recognition and other functions, the picture is still clearly captured in the fast moving state, and it plays an important role in effective identification of daily management, visitor management, and vehicle management
  • 4. Command real-time monitoring and playback of front-end video files in the background, and conduct real-time command operations for front-end personnel
Intelligent Infrared Temperature Measurement Helmet SH20
The SH20 smart infrared wireless temperature measurement helmet is mainly used to check the fever and prevent the early warning of the fever. Intelligent infrared temperature measurement helmet type is a new type of comprehensive wearable temperature detection equipment. The SH20 infrared helmet does not require emergency contact between staff and the crowd, and can quickly and accurately find feverish persons and suspected feverish persons within the range of no contact. When the above two situations occur, the intelligent infrared temperature measurement will sound an alarm to remind the staff and take timely measures. Wearing an infrared smart wireless helmet can effectively control the danger of epidemics.


1. Net Wight: <520g inches screen
2.Alarm Temperature: 37.5℃ (Can do own setting)
3.Detection accuracy of fever personnel: 98%

 Net Weight  <520g
 Alarm Temperature  37.5°C (Can do own setting)
 Fever crowd alarm distance     37.3°C: 2.0m; 37.5°C: 3.0m
 38.0°C: 3.5m; 38.5°C: 4.0m
 39.3°C: 2.0m; 39.5°C: 5.0m
 40.3°C: 2.0m; 40.5°C: 7.0m
 Detection accuracy of fever personal  98%
 Temperature measurement accuracy  0.3-0.4℃ within the specified range (Within 3 meters infoors and within 2 meters outdoor)
 Battery life  Recording mode 8H or more Image transimisson mode for more than 4 hours

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