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HF-HW  Series - Infrared Detectors

HF-HW Series - Infrared Detectors

  • 1. Dual network system: GSM + PSTN telephone line
  • 2. 4-way wired, 99-way wireless zone; each zone has 8 types of zone selection;
  • 3.Preset 6 groups of alarm calls, 6 groups of SMS numbers. AC power and power messages are prompted (built-in rechargeable lit
  •   -hium battery)
  • 4. Built-in speaker, external wired alarm.
  • 5. 4 groups of time arm and disarm function, each group can choose the week and different zones
  • 6. LCD screen display, built-in universal clock, calendar, a variety of zone type optional, alarm location can be compiled, timing arm and disarm, remote remote control, monitoring, intercom function, recording, on-site alarm and other operations
  • 7.Mobile phone APP software operation and remote home appliance control

HF-HW  Series - Infrared Detectors


HF-HW01:    burglar alarm system                  

1. Using new technology wireless transmission distance

2. Automatic temperature compensation, super anti-false alarm

3. Alarm indicator on / off optional (315M / 433M optional) wildcard


HF-HW02 :    burglar alarm system

1. Using the latest single-chip digital technology; pulse count count optional, adjust the detection sensitivity

2. All-round automatic temperature compensation, super anti-false alarm capability; wireless transmission alarm signal (315MHz, 433MHz)

3. With low voltage detection alarm function; ultra-low power consumption, longer battery life

4. Using patch technology, anti-EMI, RFI interference; through the replacement lens to achieve wide-angle / curtain function switch

5. Working voltage: 9V 6F22 battery; quiescent current: ≤ 20uA emission current: ≤ 20mA; launch distance: ≥ 100 meters

6. Transmitting frequency: 315MHZ / 433MHZ (optional)

7. Detection distance: 12 m / 8 m (wide angle / curtain)

8. Detection angle: 110 degrees; Ambient temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 50 

9. With HF-500-GSM-4 alarm set


HF-HW03  :    HF-HW  Series - Infrared Detectors burglar alarm system


With 8 series alarm set to use


HF-HW04 :    HF-HW  Series - Infrared Detectors burglar alarm system

With data bits, 433 protocol, with HF-50GA smart cat's eye theft host

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