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China HF7000 Android Linux Portable Fingerprint Scanner|HFSecurity exporter

HF7000 Android Linux Portable Fingerprint Scanner|HFSecurity

Fingerprint Module

China HF-EM401 Thumb Scanner Capacitive Fingerprint Module factory

HF-EM401 Thumb Scanner Capacitive Fingerprint Module

•Perfect functions, the fingerprint module can complete the fingerprint collection, fingerprint registration, fingerprint contrasting and fingerprint search functions independently.
•Good security, the fingerprint module adapts to reflective sensors detecting technology, and has live fingerprint detection function, which eliminate the error of forged fingerprints fundamentally, such as dead fingers and copied fingerprints.
•Strong adaptability and high performance algorithms, it has strong ability to different categories, such as dry fingers, wet fingers, and light texture fingers all have high literacy rate and good correction, fault-tolerant performances.
•Strong electrostatic resistance ability, which is good applicable to the region where the environment is dried and easy electrostatic.
•Simple application development, developers don’t need to have fingerprint expertise, they can accord to provided command words, develop their own fingerprint application product.<More
China HF-EM405 Thumbprint Scanner Biometric Optical Fingerprint Sensor factory

HF-EM405 Thumbprint Scanner Biometric Optical Fingerprint Sensor

•Strong Functions
Independently conduct the functions of fingerprint enrollment, image processing, minutiae extraction, templates storage, fingerprint verification (1:1) or fingerprint searching (1:N) under the command of HOST( PC or MCU).
•Self-proprietary Intellectual Property
Optical fingerprint collection device, module hardware and fingerprint algorithm are all self developed by Miaxis.
•High Adaptation to Fingerprints
When reading fingerprint images, it has self-adaptive parameter adjustment mechanism, which improves imaging quality for both dry and wet fingers. It can be applied to wider public.
•Low Cost
Module adopts Miaxis’ optic fingerprint collection device, which dramatically lowers the overall cost.
•Algorithm with Excellent Performance
SM630 module algorithm is specially designed according to the image generation theory of the optic fingerprint collection device. It has excellent correction & tolerance to deformed and pooMore