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FP05 Android Fingerprint Reader GPRS Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

FP05 Android Fingerprint Reader GPRS Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

  • ● FP05 is a  Android fingerprint 1D barcode scanner.
  • ● 5-inch high-resolution, using Android 6.0 embedded operating system.
  • ● Support GPS precision positioning, 13.56M / 2.4G RFID identification.
  • ● WIFI, Bluetooth, Barcode, support for 3G wireless packet transmission services.
  • ● Support TrueSafe fingerprint identification.


FP05 is a whole new generation of multi-fuction handheld with Android biometric and Fingerprint Authentication device.5-inch high-resolution, use Android 6.0 embedded operating and portable cloud employee attendance system.Support GPS precision positioning, 13.56M/2.4G RFID identification, WIFI, Bluetooth, Barcod,support for 3G wireless packet transmission services,support True Safe fingerprint identification and biometric SIM registration.


1.Support Android 6.0 embedded operating system.
2.Support GPS precision positioning, WIFI, Bluetooth, Barcode.
3.RFID: support for S50, S70 card, 2.4G
4.Support True Safe fingerprint identification.
5.Supports RFID, GPRS, and fingerprint card identification.
6.It has Portable Cloud Employee attendance system.

Details of Product:


 Memory  DDR SDRAM
 Flash  NandFlash
 SD card  Support 32GB
 GPS  Support for A-GPS, positioning speed
 RFID  Support for S50, S70 card, 2.4G
 GPRS  Support GPRS, 3G
 Fingerprint  Semiconductor fingerprint chip
 Scan  Support 1D, 2D barcode scanning
 Fingerprint  Probing the dermis, can identify artificial fingerprints
 Fingerprint  1,000-2,000
 Wireless  2G / 3G, WIFI, Bluetooth
 Positioning  GPS, GPRS auxiliary
 Barcode  Support one-dimensional, two-dimensional bar code
 RFID  RFID 13.56M, 2.4G
 Near Field Identification  Standard NFC
 Camera  5,000,000 pixels
 Screen  5.0 inches
 Interface  USB / USB OTG
 Battery  Lithium-polymer battery
 Antistatic ability  IEC61000-4-2 standard 15KV
 Operating temperature range  -20 ° C to + 70 ° C, Operating Humidity: 0-95%
 Working humidity  0-95%
 Operating System  Android 6
 Application Software  Fingermap 5.0 Device SDK
 Application Software  Fingermap 5.0 PC SDK
 Weight   1.5 kg


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