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CR01 ID Replicator

CR01 ID Replicator

  • CR01 ID Replicator

CR01 ID Replicator

ID Replicator


The red light on the left indicates power

Central green light said: reading card

The green light on the right indicates: write the card


Open the rear cover, install two 7 batteries, replace the back cover.

Push the right side of the black small power switch, then the red light on the front of the replicator that power to work properly.

The card to be copied on the side of the reader to read the location of the card, and then press and hold the reader button, then the green card lights flashing, accompanied by buzzer bb sound, said the card is successful, release the button.

And then put a copy of the card on the side of the reader side of the reader location, press and hold the write button, this time the green write card lights flash, accompanied by a buzz bu bb, that write card is successful, release button. So that you can write the old card number on the new card to complete the copy of the work process.

Can copy type: ID card (access card on the market, access card, entry card, identification card, time and attendance system card, access control system card, property identification card, etc.)

CR01 ID Replicator

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