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what is the live detection fingerprint scanner

  • Author:HFSecurity
  • Release on :2019-07-30
The application of living fingerprint identification technology completely eliminates fingerprint sleeve

The so-called in vivo fingerprint recognition is an emerging technology that utilizes the electrical characteristics of human dermal tissue to obtain the fingerprint characteristic value data of human fingers continuously and effectively.Living fingerprint identification can go deep into the dermis of human skin tissue for fingerprint identification, and synchronously sense the temperature, humidity and other indicators of fingers when capturing fingerprint images, further improving the effectiveness and security of fingerprint identification.

We know that the fingerprint identification of forensic was based on fingerprint, formed in the dermis, and the true fingerprint leather fingerprint information than skin clearer, more accurate, and does not vary with age, and the first generation of optical fingerprint identification technology under the information collected is only part of the fingerprint skin texture, the epidermis fingerprints will dim with age.In addition, optical mechanism determines the fingerprint is easy to be copied, as long as get the fingerprint texture structure can replicate a refers to the mode, by contrast, in vivo identification technology determines the identification object must be a finger, and the living even the same texture structure or from the body's finger, because do not have leather electric features of the fingerprint, so still could not by identifying.

Living fingerprint identification products, therefore, to protect the privacy of the user's fingerprint can automatically adapt to the wet and dry, coarse and scratched finger fingerprint, use more secure, for through illegal means, such as "fingerprint", simulation finger, rubber can intercept steal such as fingerprints, fingerprint residue seal, trying to escape the equipment identity authentication behavior can shut out, completely out of action.

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