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Access theft incidents in disrepair

In addition to the access control system problems, failure of community security facilities there are many, which let area residents complain repeatedly. As a first line of protection of community safety, access control system is the top priority, the safety of the residents is the responsibility of district management committees, access control system in disrepair, resulting in loss of property, which the deep introspection and strive for improvement.
Analysis of access control

Access control system is an important part of the security market, role in the security system acts as a first line of Defense. With the development of biometric technology matures, new intelligent access control system equipment is subject to industry and users of all ages.

First, the RFID card access control

RFID is short for RadioFrequencyIdentification, that is, radio frequency identification. Is a non-contact automatic identification technologies, through radio waves to automatically identify the target object and access to relevant data, identifying work without human intervention, it can work in a variety of harsh environments. RFID technology can identify fast-moving objects and can identify multiple tags simultaneously, operation is quick and easy.

Short-distance radio frequency and no oil stains, dust, pollution and other adverse circumstances, in such an environment, you can replace the bar code, for example, in tracking objects on a factory assembly line. RF products for long distance traffic, identify the distance to dozens of meters, such as automatic toll or identify the vehicle status.

Most basic of RFID system by three part composition: label (Tag): by coupled components and the chip composition, each label has only of electronic coding, attached in objects Shang identifies target object; reading device (Reader): read (sometimes also can writes) label information of equipment, can design for handheld type or fixed type; antenna (Antenna): in label and read device between passed RF signal.

What is the basic principle of RFID technology?

RFID technology of basic work principle does not complex: label into magnetic field Hou, received interpretation device issued of RF signal, with induced current by get of energy sent out storage in chip in the of products information (PassiveTag, no source label or passive label), or active sent a a frequency of signal (ActiveTag, has source label or active label); interpretation device read information and decoding Hou, sent to central information system for about data processing.uhf rfid card for access control.

Second, fingerprint access control

Fingerprint access control system is the use of biometric fingerprint authentication to secure recognition of human body, is irreplaceable, unrepeatable and unique characteristics of the technology of digital image processing, biometrics and DSP algorithms, such as technology, used for access control security, and out of personnel control, next-generation access control system is in line with the modern security requirements. The system with your fingers instead of the traditional keys and IC, ID card functions, it uses human fingerprints and invariance of the opposite sex, to provide users with safe and reliable encryption, using only your finger flat on the fingerprint scanner on the capture window, unlocked tasks can be completed, the operation is very simple. And to avoid the traditional mechanical locks, identification card, password lock, because key loss and theft, identification card forged or crack caused by the loss of locks, and the system also has a screen display function, thereby enhancing access control measures, realizes the function of safety management.