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face recognition access control offers safe secure and private workplace security

  • Author:HFSecurity
  • Release on:2020-12-30

Face recognition access control provides safe, secure and private workplace security

Due to the use of COVID-19, more and more companies are adopting non-contact technology for access control and employee management. The popular solution is face recognition. Analysts say that due to the pandemic, the market will grow by nearly $1 billion by early 2021. However, the deployment of new technologies will naturally arouse the attention of management and employees. As emerging industries make plans to move toward a security plan based on facial recognition, managers must understand and communicate the difference between facial recognition and video surveillance, especially in terms of user privacy, which is a burden.

Biometrics provide a high degree of security because they cannot be stolen or copied. Each face is unique, and if the workplace access or time restrictions are based on face recognition, employees will never lose, forget or share IDs. However, employees and visitors may worry about this new technology because they worry that their pictures will be saved and shared, the authentication camera keeps recording them, and people they don't know are watching them. With these issues in mind, management and integrators should proactively address user concerns by fully understanding their security hardware.

Temperature screening access control

The difference between face recognition and video surveillance

One of the most concerned issues for newbies facing facial recognition access control is how and when to take a video. It is understandable that individuals worry that they are always recorded without knowledge, which reflects the media sensation surrounding "big brother" or "surveillance country". Most states/provinces in the United States criminalize video surveillance, if the video is shot in a place where the person on the camera wants privacy, such as a bathroom, changing room, etc.

This should not be a problem for facial recognition security systems. A reputable installer only deploys security hardware at the door or gate location for access control and personnel management. Facial recognition is used for access control or labor management of entry and exit locations. The purpose is to authenticate individuals to grant access or track time – their purpose is not to keep track of anyone nearby, but to verify certain consenting individuals Identity.

An important difference between face recognition and video surveillance is whether they can agree. Employers should obtain their consent when recruiting employees for facial recognition, because recruitment is an agreement that uses faces for identity verification. For employees who do not agree to the use of biometrics, there should also be an alternative option (such as a card or PIN). In the case of video surveillance, video is always taken regardless of whether consent is given. And, whenever an employee approaches a device to be authenticated by facial recognition, they will effectively express their consent to use it for this purpose. Employees who use traditional security cameras for video surveillance may or may not know that they are being recorded in public places.

Business leaders and security administrators are also concerned about facial recognition technology. Fears that scams such as photos and masks of authorized individuals will verify unwanted visitors and may prevent businesses from switching to facial recognition. The most important function of access control is to restrict the access of persons entering the area while restricting unauthorized individuals. The purpose of the labor management system is to accurately track punches. Spoofing may deceive these systems and bring risks to business security, because unreliable security hardware may endanger the safety of the workplace. Instead, companies should seek solutions that incorporate advanced technologies such as activity detection to ensure that devices only authenticate the right people.

In addition, COVID-19 mask requirements may slow down companies' decisions to adopt facial recognition. Between a non-biological non-contact system and requiring people to take off their masks to enter or exit the building, leaders are likely to choose the option that does not increase the risk of respiratory droplets spreading on the surface. Now, by providing enhanced functionality for mask wearers, this decision is no longer required. IXM TITAN can provide facial recognition when wearing a mask to ensure that the mask is always located at the entrance and time stamp position, so business leaders can rest assured that their security system can best protect the health of employees and visitors.

How facial recognition ensures user safety and privacy

Biometrics technology, including facial recognition, can provide enhanced security for any business. When a person shows his identity to a facial recognition device, it matches the unique data points captured from the facial scan with the encrypted biometric template saved in the device database during the registration process. These data points ensure that the error rate during authentication is low, thus ensuring that managers do not provide access to the wrong people or get through their time cards. And because of its advanced encryption function, employees can rest assured that its biometric template will not be stolen, copied or decrypted.

Face recognition is of course the most concerned biometric method in 2020: its high security and non-contact functions can bring a lot of commercial benefits. Non-contact technology eliminates contact with shared surfaces and provides quick verification functions, such as IXM TITAN's throughput of 15 to 18 people per minute, thus ensuring that staff and visitors are protected from the spread of diseases. Focusing on high throughput means that large shifts of employees or visitors no longer need to gather in small areas where they may not be able to socialize. Protecting the health of personnel is a new key safety measure introduced by COVID-19, and rapid non-contact technology is one of the best solutions to ensure the health of the workplace.

Real-time employee temperature monitoring software

Without powerful analysis tools to monitor the entry and exit of buildings, employees' punches and even the body temperatures of employees and visitors in response to COVID-19 safety requirements, it is impossible to have a complete face recognition access control or labor management system. In contrast, video surveillance itself cannot provide the rich software functions that facial recognition systems can provide.

Therefore, IXM WEB can best enhance Invixium's facial recognition solutions. IXM WEB is a comprehensive web-based software tool that provides options for how each company uses its functions:

The audit trail provides a time-stamped report for security personnel, which records every interaction between the visitor and the installed device. IXM WEB generates vivid, interesting, clear and easy-to-read audit records of certification activities. The most effective labor management software enables staff and managers to always master shift tasks, schedules and other content. IXM Time enhances the IXM WEB with employee management functions (such as shift management and time tracking reports) to ensure that employees go to and from get off work at designated times-eliminating the risk of accidental or intentional time theft. COVID-19 has changed the security system and introduced new requirements for hardware and software for screening and tracking the temperature of employees and visitors as they enter the building. IXM Health is the latest and most advanced feature of IXM WEB, which can convert the data captured by IXM TITAN with the enhanced toolkit into an overview report of all elevated body temperature screening events recorded by the device.
For any business, the ideal security solution is a solution that can meet its most urgent needs. Facial recognition technology with analysis tools and additional safety functions can ensure that managers ensure that employees are safe and healthy at work. Face recognition has functions specially designed for access control and labor management, and video surveillance is not available, so face recognition is an ideal choice for building administrators and security installers.

An experienced facial recognition partner can protect your business

Our expert sales team will choose the best business solution for you according to your demand for non-contact facial recognition when you plan healthy access control and employee management. As always, Invixium will strive to become your preferred biometric manufacturer by providing the most advanced technology on the market and under experienced guidance.