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Company employees use biometric fingerprint scanners to track employee attendance time

  • Author:HFSecurity
  • Release on:2021-03-09

Just a few years ago, few people objected to taking photos of ID documents. However, this new technological era has brought more "intrusive" forms of identification, such as fingerprints, facial recognition, DNA and other biometric technologies. For security, employment or other business purposes, employees are more likely to refuse to trade these forms of personal information.

The latest innovation to track employee working hours is the biometric fingerprint scanner. Because of its ability to use unique attributes to identify employees, this is a lasting solution. In this system, all operations related to clock input and output have been simplified over the years.
HFSecurity Bio 7 442 ten fingerprint scanner

Biometric solutions to automate the workplace

Years of manual tracking of working hours have given way to a powerful new biometric technology that automates the identity verification process when employees access company property. Whether at the company headquarters or online from a remote location, the USB fingerprint reader can enhance the security system of the entire company.

The expectation of using biometrics to track employees’ working hours is to eliminate the problems normally associated with traditional clock systems. First, the biometric fingerprint reader captures unique data from the hands of each employee. After the scan is complete, the camera will take a picture of the hand. The information captured in the pictures determines the different qualities and is used to identify employees.

The advantages of using biometric solutions include:

  • • Information accessed from a safe location is safe
  • • Flexible plan
  • •Portable installation system
  • • Eliminate duplication and fraud
  • • Supervisors can monitor real-time workflow information
  • • Simplified login process
  • • Realize access control function
HFSecurity FBI Fingerprint scanner

 Special features of biometric fingerprint scanner

By using biometric technology, fingerprint scanners can provide some important functions.

Biometric authentication. The new patented USB fingerprint reader can be used for employees' working hours and can reliably capture biometric data. Because the system is compatible with other technologies used to control access, company data is more secure. Fewer incidents of fraud and theft help protect physical and monetary assets.

Sign in faster. The automatic login process helps simplify employee access to resources collected online. Authentication protocols have become too expensive, especially when secure alternatives are available.

Automated employee record keeping. Every time an employee logs into the attendance system, installing this portable device will bring seamless automation. Built-in sensors can identify individual employees to help employers maintain accurate records.

 Benefits of using a biometric fingerprint scanner

The biometric system is a valuable safeguard against identity theft. In essence, in addition to protecting employees from accessing company buildings and remote systems, this fingerprint scanner can also protect the company from potential theft of trade secrets and intellectual property. Due to the required identity verification function, the threat of someone impersonating an employee to gain access is eliminated. Employees cannot visit strangers to form different workplaces.

In short, by using technologies related to biometric fingerprint scanner companies:

  • • Ability to authenticate each employee when they try to access a remote or local workplace
  • • Know when employees access company information from work computers
  • •Can detect employee identity theft and fraud
  • • Monitor real-time access
  • •Automatically track employee time
Employees will also appreciate the convenience and portability of systems that can protect their identities.

Use biometrics

Biometrics works hard for companies of all sizes to increase productivity and reduce management costs. Because employees can work at any time of the day or night, companies can use this technology to increase productivity. They can log in remotely and take advantage of flexible work schedules. Employers will never forget working hours, because login information is captured immediately for tracking.

Reducing management costs is inevitable because employees spend less time using traditional time and attendance tracking systems. The technology is also compatible with existing human resource software programs to integrate and automate different processes related to time management.

Biometric sensors can also work well with laptops and mobile devices. As the workforce keeps pace with the development of the mobile society, the company maintains its competitive advantage. Due to the security of the technology, compromised company assets will never be a problem.

 Practical tips before installing a biometric fingerprint scanner

The four methods mentioned below can give the company unlimited confidence in installing the biometric fingerprint scanner in its work environment.

First of all, what you need to do is to inform all employees of the company that the company currently intends to use a biometric system to obtain fingerprint information to identify employees.. This should be communicated in writing and explain the reasons, safeguards, and who to talk to when they have questions or concerns.

Next, the company must confirm to verify the legal terms of privacy and employment to ensure compliance with the law. This should be done in accordance with state and federal laws. Third, strict security policies and procedures related to biometric scanners should be implemented. This helps to ensure that all data collected in the system remains safe and stored correctly.

Finally, the company should be prepared to meet the requirements of employees based on the protected categories. These issues include issues related to religious beliefs and disability.

New innovative technologies such as biometric fingerprint scanners that track employees’ working hours will continue to exist. This innovative method of maintaining time and attendance brings new challenges. Companies that use biometric systems carefully and wisely can survive a smooth transition.