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Zwipe’s Biometric Payment Cards ‘On Track’ for 2017 Debut

  • Author:zz
  • Source:zz
  • Release on:2017-03-13

Zwipe is reporting progress on the biometric payment cards front in a new corporate update.
The company says it is on track to deliver its dual interface biometric payment cards to market this year, and to that end established new agreements with two “multinational card manufacturers” in Q4 of 2016. That bodes well for the company, with biometric smart cards being an increasingly busy market in which some high-profile players aremaking significant investments. Together with access control and ID solutions, it’s one of the three key markets that Zwipe is targeting.
Speaking of which, Zwipe also highlighted its recent distribution agreement with ISG, which will open “an extensive sales channel for both Access and ID solutions,” and a significant follow-up order from a “critical infrastructure company” operating in the west coast of the US.
While Zwipe declined to outline revenues and net gains or losses in the Q4 statement on its website, the company did highlight its recent acquisition of NOK 36.5 million in equity from a private placement, suggesting that it is well-positioned to face the year ahead.