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Will voiceprint recognition be the next face recognition market?

  • Author:HFSecurity
  • Release on:2020-10-13

Standing on the two powerful technological outlets of artificial intelligence and biometrics, the market for facial recognition and voiceprint recognition is continuing the development path of facial recognition, with the emergence of algorithms, the rise of platforms and the landing of scenarios In the course of development and evolution.

HFSecurity Voice Recognition
In order to better expand the technical application of voiceprint recognition, just like the landing path of face recognition technology, voiceprint recognition is also going through the stages and processes of technology productization, platformization and scene application. For different application scenarios, the relevant voiceprint recognition products on the market already have a certain scale and diversity, including terminal and platform products, such as various special voiceprint collectionIntegrated equipment, voiceprint identification software system and voiceprint control system platform, etc.

Voiceprint recognition is undergoing productization, platformization and scene-based landing

The collection, recognition, and identification of voiceprints are also competition links for manufacturers' core technologies. Since sound is different from video image information, it is dynamic and intangible. So, how to realize voiceprint collection and recognition analysis? Voiceprint collection is actually similar to video image collection, except that the video is based on frames. Unit, and the sound is continuous. Of course, voiceprint collection and recognition analysis in complex scenes still have certain challenges. First, the sound must be clearly collected from the complex environment, and secondly, the information contained in the sound must be analyzed.

HFSecurity Face Recognition Device
HFSecurity RA08T Face Recognition Device

At present, the voiceprint collection terminal equipment on the market mainly adopts a microphone array, through the microphone array signal processing technology to achieve high-fidelity recording, directional pickup, echo cancellation, noise & reverberation suppression, etc., to clear the sound information from the complex environmental sound After being collected, the voiceprint identification and analysis process will be completed through the professional voiceprint identification system, which will help public security, justice, finance, and information
Identity authentication applications in industries such as loan and social security.

At the same time, with the gradual deepening of voiceprint recognition in the field of security protection, some professional police voiceprint collectors, public security dynamic voiceprint deployment control systems, etc. have also become effective technical means for public security departments to conduct inspections, deployment and control, and maintain public safety. It indicates that voiceprint recognition related products have been included in the scope of the Ministry of Public Security's security and police electronic products. The blessing of voiceprint recognition technology makes
The construction of smart security has added a new dimension.

There is no doubt that the market potential of voiceprint recognition is considerable. Standing on the two powerful technological outlets of artificial intelligence and biometrics, the previous human face recognition and voiceprint recognition markets are continuing the development path of face recognition, in the course of the emergence of algorithms, the rise of platforms and the implementation of scenarios Develop and evolve independently. This process has also attracted more and more related companies to enter the game. Among them, companies with a background in artificial intelligence technology have become the main players on the voiceprint recognition track.

Companies like Kuaishangtong, HKUST Xunfei, Speakln, Ping An Technology, Yuanjian Technology, etc., which have already had a certain degree of technological precipitation in the field of voiceprint recognition, have developed their own voiceprint recognition in related fields. The market has also laid the foundation for the application of voiceprint recognition in various industries, but this does not affect the eagerness of latecomers in the field of voiceprint recognition.

From face to voiceprint, CV enterprise's AI technology territory expands

It can also be seen from the companies that have swept the list in the international voiceprint recognition test competition in the past two years that some Al companies that originally focused on computer vision have also begun to extend their artificial intelligence technology research tentacles, from the visual field to the auditory field, from Facial recognition has been extended to the technical research of voiceprint recognition. Like Yitu Technology and Pensi Technology, they have developed related layouts around voiceprint recognition algorithms and applications, and have actively promoted voiceprint recognition technology and computer vision technology. Open up the field of fusion applications.

There are several reasons why related companies in the computer vision field are expanding into the field of machine hearing:
1) Optimistic about the development potential of voiceprint recognition technology and take the lead in layout. As one of the technical branches of artificial intelligence, the technical application market potential of machine hearing is also huge. It can be used as a supplement to the core technology of visual Al identity authentication. At the same time, because of the unique advantages of voiceprint recognition, it can be expanded to more subdivided scenarios. Application opportunities. The sooner you start the technical research of voiceprint recognition, the more promising it will be
Can seize market opportunities when the future technology application explodes;

2) Relying on technical research experience and market resources in computer vision, take advantage of the trend to enter the voiceprint recognition market. Although the technical direction of voiceprint recognition and face recognition are quite different, in fact, the two have great similarities in the way of technical research. At this stage, the technical research on both visual Al and auditory AlI is still based on the framework of Deep Learning (DL). The technical research process is basically divided into sample collection, feature extraction, feature modeling, and model. Training and other links. For computer vision companies, the previous experience accumulated in the research of face recognition technology can lay a certain empirical foundation for the research of voiceprint recognition technology.

3) Broaden the artificial intelligence technology resource pool, improve the Al scenario landing plan, and improve the quality of products and services. Involved in the research and application of voiceprint recognition technology, it is also expected to output a combination of facial recognition + voiceprint recognition audio-visual Al technology solutions for the related industry applications that computer vision companies have expanded at this stage, and improve the application requirements of intelligent security, AloT and other scenarios, and enhance Comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise.
HFSecurity Face Recognition Device
Can voiceprint recognition grow into the next face recognition market?

Although at this stage, the volume of the voiceprint recognition market is far less than that of face recognition, according to the "Analysis of the Development Status and Market Trend of the Biometric Technology Industry in 2018" of Qianzhan. The proportions are 16% and 11% respectively, and this is only the data for 2018.

With the maturity of Al technology, the face recognition market has ushered in a blossoming development trend in the past two years. According to relevant market dynamics, voiceprint recognition, as a supplement to visual Al, is also found in many application fields. These opportunities are bound to promote the growth of the voiceprint recognition market. Of course, to achieve large-scale landing applications, referring to the landing experience of face recognition, voiceprint recognition may also face voiceprint library construction, chip upgrades, enhanced algorithm model generalization capabilities, and applicability of standard and non-standard scenarios. Series of challenges. Whether voiceprint recognition can grow into the next face recognition market, we are waiting for the natural fermentation of the market!



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