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Which biotechnology for identification?

   At present, the five biometric technology comparison
   one,Fingerprint recognition
   Fingerprint recognition is the most widely used biometric technology, historic, mature technology, equipment size, low cost, widely used in time and attendance, access control, automatic identification fields. But the drawback is contact, with intrusive, health problems; in addition, fingerprints easy to wear, too dry and too wet fingers are not conducive to the extraction of the fingerprint image.Fingerprint Identification TechnologyThe development involves many disciplines of image processing, pattern recognition, machine learning, computer vision, mathematical morphology, wavelet analysis.Automated Fingerprint Identification System(AFIS) including fingerprint image acquisition, processing, feature extraction and comparison module, is the degree of acceptance of this area within the current highest product.
   two,Facial recognition
   Facial recognition is a very active area of ​​research in recent years, with intuitive, easy, friendly and more easily accepted characteristics. Recognition including face detection and recognition of two research fields. Face detection algorithms are mainly four categories: knowledge-based, feature-based, template-based and appearance-based approach. Need to use facial recognition to identify stable features, such algorithms are based LDA, PCA, ICA, Gabor and features of the face and other methods. Current research on face recognition has entered a three-dimensional face recognition phase. 
   three,Iris Recognition
   Iris recognition is considered to be the safest, most accurate method of identification. It uses the features of the iris of the human eye image region (rings, wrinkles, spots, coronal) form a feature template, complete the identification by comparing these characteristic parameters. Price iris image acquisition device is expensive, iris image acquisition with the needs of people, these effects of its application. However, due to its high accuracy, can provide accurate identity, it is effective to verify the identity of the preferred identification method.
   four,Speech Recognition
   Speech recognition is the use of voice and linguistic models based speaker biology and behavioral characteristics, and by analyzing the voice of the only features, such as by sound frequencies to identify the speaker. Advantage of voice recognition is easy to use, the large distance range, simple installation requires only a microphone signal can be received; the disadvantage is low accuracy, limited range of applications, voice recognition is susceptible to background noise, health and emotions, and the other Recording the same person may also deceive recognition system.
   Fives,Signature Recognition
   The signature is based on behavior characteristicsBiometricsBy analyzing the pressure and speed of the handwriting and signature signing process to make identification. According to the object of signature verification, signature verification can be divided into real-time online and off-line signature recognition. Signature recognition problem is to obtain metrics used in the identification process and the signature of repeatability. The disadvantage is the signature with the prevailing mood of many factors, and other writing instruments, in particular to be able to mimic signature or anti-poor deceptive.