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What kind of good card and fingerprint?

  • Author:hf access
  • Source:hf access
  • Release on:2015-11-11
Now businesses in attendance, credit card and fingerprint are two of the most common and more advanced also like fingerprint access control, face time and attendance and access control, Such as the novel, but the current penetration rate is not high. Small series of attendance and swipe attendance has experienced, say two ways have advantages and disadvantages.

Talk about the credit card first time. Card time is very simple as long as the card in the card reader on the back burner, "trickle" soon after completion. But you might swipe attendance it brush is the most worrying problem, and for the employees, insufficient credit card is with cards a day, easily forgotten or lost.

Fingerprint attendance. Credit card, fingerprint solves the problem of employees carry cards is not easy, but fingerprint attendance problems, nothing less. Fingerprint identification technology in China is very high indeed, but in practice, the advanced technology travels fast enough, Enterprise fingerprint system to recognize the rate remains high. Frequently encountered phenomenon: the hands are too cold in the winter not display incorrect no, not fingerprint does not, and so on, had grabbed the clock staff worried. But on the other hand, companies think the uniqueness of fingerprints can avoid the brushes, the reality is the emergence of network fingerprint membranes, and drowned the advantage.

In fact, small experience whether it is credit card or fingerprint, together, these two ways of downside is its fast enough. Credit card is simple, not so much, but sometimes the cards up there to stay for a while in order to succeed, at work when we line up brush, of course, is the faster, The better, and fingerprint identification speed feel more affected by the recognition rate is slow. So, personally prefer swipe attendance, especially after the company changed the card reader speeds significantly faster.