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Under the current knowledge gait analysis coolest biometric technology

   Biometric diversity determines the accuracy of such biometric fingerprint, face, iris and so are our more familiar means of identification, however, this year released a "Mission Impossible 5", made us an insight into a Species more innovativeBiometrics- Gait analysis. What is the gait analysis? Magic in what? This issue, we will give you announced.
What is the gait name suggests refers to people walking posture, describing the characteristics of people walking cyclical phenomenon;? And gait analysis, it is through recording, observation, analysis of body motion, gait model established, stable parameters extracted feature and by the computer to identify the process. A complete gait cycle also contains a "support phase" and the "swing phase" in two stages.

Early medical research shows that there are 24 kinds of human gait different components, including the length of the bone, muscle strength, joint flexibility, etc., of these features together gait, "gait" will have the characteristics of the individual. When used as identification, simply captured video input system, the computer will be matched by gait recognition algorithm to find the matching object from the database, and the final results are displayed.
In fact, as "Mission Impossible" movie in the interpretation of it, gait difficult to conceal and disguise, and in remote and low resolution, can be accurately identified. Here, we biometric diversity, stability, acquisition of the three principles to chat let Bangui despair "gait analysis system."

For gait analysis, there is an assumption that each person has a unique face, but everyone also has a different gait with others. Of course, the above assumption has been recognized by the medical research, that "Everyone's gait is unique." From the anatomical point of view, gait physical basis of the uniqueness of each person is the difference between physical structure, different leg length, muscle strength, nerve center of gravity and motion sensitivity, together determine the gait is unique.
   Iris, fingerprint, voice, and otherBiometricsSame, gait analysis also stability problems, that is to say, a person's gait because of injuries, weight increase or decrease even dress comfort and other factors change. Therefore, there are some challenges of its stability.

To give a very simple example, such as today wore shoes do not fit or uncomfortable, then will follow the wearer's walking posture changes; or when they walk or exercise, accidentally sprained ankle, then the time for limping you, gait analysis system will think you are another person or causes validation failure. In fact, each biometric mode, because there may be some unexpected and can not be verified, therefore, establish a comprehensive set of comprehensive verification system is necessary, but also the so-called alternatives.

As we all know, every biometric technology will be because of some "accident" can not lead to complete and accurate information capture feature. Gait analysis was performed on data collection, there are also similar problems. For example, the difference between trousers and flat shoes dress heels, and or some religious countries robe is their traditional clothing, the leg is completely obscured, consensus can not be achieved gait analysis and so on.

See here, some people might say that the eggs used to it? In fact, the advantages of long-range identification gait analysis is that, as far as up to several hundred meters. In addition, gait analysis can easily distinguish the people of different modes, such as walking, running, weight and so on. The future will be a variety of biometric technologies are combined, according to the actual application scenario, the user condition, the security level automatically switches to form a multi-modal identification technology, more than any single biometric competitive.