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The token ring fingerprint Biometric Identification

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  • Release on:2017-09-11
July 14-2017
Token. The biological identity rings that help the process of authentication, throughout the day. Mr. Kamala
Sponsored by MasterCard, Microsoft partners, FitPay and partner FIDO tokens for presale on the default Web site at $249 and will begin shipping.
The token service solutions seamlessly to manage credentials while taking advantage of how two-factor authentication is a proprietary, no-one but the licensee can access the protected credentials.
All of the validation process is performed through a fingerprint sensor, ultra compact in the base of the ring and has a light sensor.

"We proved that we are not working. Token allows you to prove that – from the grocery store door – while protects your data with advanced encryption token, says co-founder and CEO Melanie Shapiro, "it is all of your digital key in one or more, while the physical real estate less than a credit card."
The tokens made of sterling silver. Use a picture inspired by natural movements. Taps and knocks to prove identity.

When removing the ring. Embedded sensor as soon as the lock token credentials, and only. When the device detects the fingerprint of the original user.
Token instead of the needs of the majority of each day's credentials, including a credit card (Visa or master card and pay that can tap more than 15 million), Password-home Key card (more than 50 transit systems worldwide, with another 30 added transport b.e. 2561), access to a car and the car keys.
"Microsoft released Windows Hello so that our customer to go to another password that is secure from the threat of modern and we have to work with tokens that perform Windows Hello, even greater, said Chris Hallum, senior product manager in the Microsoft Windows client security" with wear. The token to Windows 10 smoothly in a way that feels familiar. And nature. We are excited to work with our partners, such as tokens, so that our customers are online and Windows device experience more secure. "
"The master card The purpose of our commercial for every program for the device. Enable all payment security devices of new generation – helps consumers choose more in how to settle, "said Del Valle Kiki Senior Vice President, commercial for every device that has a Token devices, MasterCard cardholders of lifestyle, we offer a personal touch that can make the transaction easier and safer for millions of merchant locations in 96 countries around the world."