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Today's mainstream technical characteristics of four types of access control systems Brief

   In order to further meet the demands of high degree of safety,Access control system also experienced RFID card access control, fingerprint access control change, iris recognition access control, facial recognition access control system. 

   Access four series 

   one,RFID card access control 

   RadioFrequencyIdentification RFID is the acronym for radio frequency identification. It is a non-contact automatic identification technology, automatic target recognition and access to relevant data RF signal, to identify work without human intervention, can work in harsh environments. RFID technology can identify fast moving objects and can also identify multiple tags, the operation convenient. 

   Short-range RF products are not afraid of grease, dust, pollution and other harsh environment, can replace the bar code in such an environment, for example, on the plant's assembly line tracking objects. RF products are used for long-distance traffic, recognition distance of up to tens of meters, such as automatic toll collection or identify the vehicle status. 

   The most basic RFID system consists of three parts: tag (Tag): the coupling components and chips, and each tag has a unique electronic code, attached to identify the target object on the object; reader (Reader): read (sometimes also You can write to) the device tag information, it can be designed for handheld or fixed; antenna (Antenna): RF signal transmitted between the tag and reader. 

   What is the basic principle of RFID technology? 

   The basic principle of RFID technology is not complicated: after the label into the magnetic field, the receiver RF signals emitted by interpretation, by virtue of the energy induced current obtained by sending out product information (PassiveTag, passive tags or passive tag) is stored in the chip, or take the initiative to send a signal (ActiveTag, active tags or active tags) frequency; reader reads the information and decoded and sent to the central information systems related to data processing. 

   two,Fingerprint Access Control 

   Fingerprint access control system, is the use of the human bodyBiometric fingerprintFor identity security identification, irreplaceable, can not be copied and unique characteristics, which uses high-tech digital image processing,BiometricsDSP algorithms and techniques for access control security, access control personnel to identify, is a new generation of access control system in line with modern security requirements. The key to replace the traditional finger and existing IC, ID card function, which uses human fingerprints all heterosexual and transgender, to provide users with safe and reliable means of encryption, simply use your finger flat on the fingerprint scanner when the gathering on the window to complete the unlocking task, operation is very simple. And avoid losses due to lost and stolen keys, identification cards or locks decipher forged caused traditional mechanical locks, identification card, password lock, and the system also has a screen character display, thus enhancing the access of protective measures, It implements security management functions. 

   three,Iris recognition access control 

   Iris recognition is a biometric eye related to humans in less interference technology. It is quite common to use a camera element, and does not require the user comes into contact with the machine. In addition, it has the ability to achieve higher performance of template matching. Therefore, it attracts all kinds of people's attention. In all biometric technologies, iris recognition is currently the most convenient and accurate one. Iris recognition access control has accuracy, anti-deceptive, practical features. 

   four,Face recognition access control 

   Facial recognition, also known as face recognition, face recognition, face recognition, etc., the following are referred to as face recognition. 

   A secured area by trying to enter face recognition to identify the identity. Face recognition system can be used for business, residential security and management. 

   Facial recognition is based on the person's facial features for identification of technologies, including two standard video recognition technology and thermal imaging. 

   Standard video recognition is through the ordinary camera to record facial features are captured by the eyes, nose, shape and relative position of the mouth, etc., and then convert it into a digital signal, and then use the computer for identification. Video Facial recognition is a common means of identification, has been widely used in public safety. 

   Thermal imaging technology, mainly through analysis of thermal radiation generated facial blood to produce facial image. And video recognition is different, thermal imaging technology does not need a good light source, it can be used normally even in dark situations. 

   Intelligent Access Control SystemBio-based marks another milestone in the security industry establishment. In support of the new technologies, access control system is bound to a new glory.