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The reason for the steady growth of the electronic lock market

  • Author:zzx
  • Source:zzx
  • Release on:2015-12-31

Convergence of the global economic impact of the current speed of building Europe and China stagnated, nevertheless, the global market of mechanical locks andAccess Control SystemThe sustained and stable growth still expectedElectronic door locksSales growth from $ 720 million to more than $ 900 million (2014-2019), whose average annual compound growth rate will reach 5%.

Currently, the main driver of growth in the electronic lock market is the new construction investment, directly stimulating the demand for locks, in addition to renovation, alteration and other services can also indirectly cause growth in demand for locks. IHS Department of Safety and building technology analysts believe that due to the slowdown in China's economic growth by the turbulence affecting the US market and the global political situation, global investment in residential construction have emerged signs of growth decline.

However, in the latest machinery and external locks report that, although economic constraints in the development of the market, but with the popularity of the access control system,Electric door lock systemMore and more users of all ages, mainly due toElectronic access control systemsCompared to a mechanical lock to provide greater security and convenience to the user's value increases, the electronic lock reflected integrated management and building automation and flexible, user-friendly to improve workflow management to provide better Economic models and methods.

These factors make the electronic lock device in recession today, remained stable growth, although the overall economic situation is not optimistic, but still can see the development in the Middle East and eastern Asia and eastern Europe are pushing Europe, Central Europe and Asia development. Another trend in the Asian markets, emergency exit hardware devices that bid for the 2020 Olympics in Japan, the growth of its stadiums and tourism drive the Japanese government to tighten Emergency exit devices demand rose sharply, increasing demand for electronic locks devices.

In the global market, the popularity of various types of locks are also differences, for example, in Europe and Asia latch occupy the largest market share; in America, because of its high traffic commercial facilities factor, for the lock durability and derivatives other value More seriously, it is the electronic lock is their first choice.