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The new challenges and risks faced by the access control system

  • Author:zzx
  • Source:zzx
  • Release on:2015-12-08
Though fingerprints, hand geometry, iris biometricAccess Control SystemOnly to have their expertise in safety, convenience, ease of management and other aspects, but Fingerprinting itself serious security risks.

· This exposure in humans outside of biometric relatively easy to copy;

· High demands on the environment, on the fingers of humidity, cleanliness, etc. are very sensitive to dirt, oil and water will not result in recognition or affect the results of the identification;

• Fingerprint feature certain people or groups of less, or even no fingerprints, it is difficult to imaging; for peeling, there are difficulties in identifying the presence of scars and other low-quality fingerprint recognition rate of the problem, for some hands calloused more manual labor registration and identification of difficulties and some other special populations greater;

• Fingerprint not appear scratches, redness bleeding eye can not, can not have facial injuries, etc., and even how much beard will affect the recognition accuracy and sensitivity.

With the flow of people and social development and the pace of life speeds up, office halls, libraries and other public places more and more, controlling the normal operation of these sites and to protect public safety has become an important task of the Governing Body. From the viewpoint of energy saving and environmental protection, China has billions of dollars of the population, access cards holdings is considerable, with the trend of energy saving and new requirements, access control system should open up a new and breakthrough is the key. How Medicine learn,Biometric saving advantagesversusAdvantages of traditional access cardsTogether, this isSecurity access controlCompanies need to ponder the question.