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Face recognition technology may become a new star in the security industry in the future

  • Author:HFSecurity
  • Release on:2020-11-12

Face recognition technology may become a new star in the security industry in the future
Face recognition technology is widely used, and can be used in fields such as facial payment, identity authentication, VIP recognition, and security monitoring. In the face-swiping era, the mobile Internet voice ecology is used to realize the transition from basic voice interaction to comprehensive natural interaction. The era of face-brushing may change people's lifestyles.

You don’t need to bring a key when you go out, you don’t need to bring a bank card when you go to the mall, you don’t need to bring an ID card when you go through the security check, and you can connect to the bank, security check, transportation and other systems with just one face when you go out. Is this kind of social activity cool? Advanced face recognition technology will make these sci-fi scenes a reality.

Face recognition payment is carried out in a contactless manner, which can not only avoid personal information leakage, ensure transaction security, but also make the entire transaction process very convenient. In the future, with the popularization of face recognition systems, you don’t have to worry about forgetting your ID card when you go to the airport and train station. You can confirm your identity by swiping your face. In addition, face recognition technology can also automatically recognize the avatar in the photo, and store the photos in different folders according to the avatar, so that you can quickly organize a large number of photos, so that you no longer have to worry about photo classification.

Advantages of face recognition technology

Compared with other recognition technologies, face recognition has obvious advantages, mainly in three aspects:

The first is naturalness. The so-called naturalness means that the recognition method is the same as the biological characteristics used by humans (including other creatures) for individual recognition. It is to distinguish and confirm identities through observation and comparison of faces; natural recognition also Voice recognition and body shape recognition, but fingerprint recognition and iris recognition are not natural because humans or other creatures cannot distinguish individuals through such biological characteristics.

HFSecurity RA08T-M Android Face Recognition Terminal

The second is non-mandatory. The recognized face image information can be actively obtained without being detected by the individual being tested. Face recognition uses visible light to obtain face image information, which is different from fingerprint recognition or iris recognition, which requires the use of electronic pressure sensors to collect fingerprints. , Or use infrared to collect iris images, these special collection methods are easy to be noticed, which can be disguised and deceived.

The third is non-contact. Compared with other biometric technologies, face recognition is non-contact. The user does not need to be in direct contact with the device. At the same time, it can satisfy the sorting, judgment and recognition of multiple faces in actual application scenarios.

Currently used in access control and attendance environments is a multi-light source face recognition technology, which has been able to realize face recognition under a variety of auxiliary light sources that are completely harmless to the human body. It supports PC (Windows/Linux) and ARM/ In the DSP (Linux, etc.) system environment, today's algorithms have also been able to ensure the excellence of various indicators such as recognition rate, recognition speed, false recognition rate and rejection rate, and ensure short-distance face detection and capture.
Facial Recognition Device
The market for face recognition systems is unprecedented

The application of face recognition technology is very extensive. At present, government departments and the financial industry are the main customers in the face recognition market around the world. These institutions have high requirements for security protection, and the strong demand of these two industries has also promoted The rapid development of the face recognition market. In the face recognition market, in addition to industries with higher security requirements such as the financial industry, public security prisons, government industries, and border control, some ordinary users have gradually begun to accept and use related products. In the emerging information security application field, face recognition Technology can provide a more secure, reliable and easy-to-use identity authentication method, thereby improving the security performance of the entire network information system, and effectively curbing various network illegal and criminal activities. At present, face recognition technology can be easily and closely integrated with the original technology in the traditional security field, greatly improving the intelligence, safety and ease of use of the original system, expanding the application field of the original system, and thus Promoted the technological upgrading of traditional industries. From the perspective of market development prospects, the development space of face recognition technology cannot be underestimated.

The market size of face recognition systems is largely related to the density of the population, and China is a country with a high population density. Although the current domestic face recognition technology and product applications have relatively complete technical levels, market acceptance is still in the primary development stage and other issues, and a lot of market cultivation is needed to enhance market awareness. However, the embarrassing situation of security companies engaged in face recognition research and development a few years ago has changed significantly. A few years ago, although many companies developed chips and algorithms, these technologies could not be recognized by the market, and companies could not survive by relying on technology alone. There was a view that the immature biometric market and insufficient market demand made companies unable to survive. Focus on technology again; there are also views that the market demand is sufficient, but the level of face recognition technology is not yet able to meet the market needs, which has caused these companies to fall into trouble. Since 2008, the scale benefits of the face recognition market have gradually emerged, and the development speed has been very rapid in the past three or four years. A few years ago, the government did not pay much attention and attention to this aspect. In recent years, the government's promotion and attention have been continuously strengthened. The development of the Internet of Things and the construction of safe cities are good examples of development, but any development Need to go through a process of market recognition to market acceptance. In this process, as a development enterprise dedicated to the research and production of face recognition technology and intelligent video analysis, we will be The development of transportation and other industries played a supporting role.
Facial Recognition Device
Face recognition will have a huge boost to the security industry

In 2020, focus on the research and development, innovation, promotion, and technology of face recognition technology. With the further maturity of face recognition technology and the improvement of social recognition, face recognition products will be applied in more fields; in enterprise and residential security In the field of security and management, access control and attendance systems for face recognition and anti-theft doors for face recognition, etc.; in the field of airport security, electronic passports and ID cards for face recognition, to achieve automatic reading of passports; in public security, justice and In the field of criminal investigation, the use of face recognition system and online photo comparison to search for fugitives nationwide; in the field of banking and finance, to achieve real security self-service, such as automatic bank withdrawal opportunities to see user cards and passwords stolen When someone cheats out cash, if you can apply face recognition at the same time, you will avoid this situation;

In the field of information security, such as computer login, e-government and e-commerce, the current e-commerce and government transactions, approval and authorization are all realized by passwords. If the password is stolen, the security cannot be guaranteed. If you use biometric identification, you can Achieve the unification of online digital identity and real identity, thereby greatly increasing the reliability of e-commerce and e-government systems. We believe that face recognition technology will have a broader space for development in the next few years, and it can also make greater contributions to the security field.

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