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The future direction of distributed control and biometric access control system or into

   FromAccess Control SystemThe rapid growth of the fast can be seen in products Market Complex has matured over the past few alarm and monitoring products dominate the world situation, experts predict the most recently executed indicate: induction access control systems market is growing at an alarming rate of 300% per year growth, following small series will introduce the next access trends.

   Change from wired to wireless. Before 2002, access control card device 485 is used, use RVSP twisted-pair wiring for communication on each bus can support 32 devices. If there are multiple bus with multi-port 485HUB connected, then the converter into the final management computer. With the popularity of the network, now have direct access control card equipment TCP / IP communication functions. For now, wireless access is needed to solve the problem of channel. Wireless network surveillance cameras with the same equipment in by wireless transmission, without exception, are susceptible because the signal was criticized. In large companies, schools, computer electronics caused by excessive electromagnetic interference will be a major weakness of wireless access. How to solve this problem will become a bottleneck in its development.

   Reader technology continue to improve robustness. Given tape card bound to cause wear and tear, non-contact technology avoids this problem. Because the card material damage and use wear, or need to be updated or reissued, leading the life of the card restrictions. As technology advances, new biometric passport will be, which would address the life issues the card. When the water in addition to the limitations of some of the existing old system, the function of biological recognition system is bound to rise. This is creating de change, biometrics must be used when integrated into access control systems.

   Access development is the trend of distributed control functions. In view of the lock and key is to hand over control of authority. Once the system is electronic, and its control is also from the central security control system through a simple card reader interface distributed "smart" controller. This trend is further extending the control functions implanted in the card reader, or even implanted in the card. Smart card access control industry is of great significance. They can store large amounts of data, readable also updated to provide advanced encryption and password to protect stored data, can also provide processing capacity by calculation.

   Biometric Access Control System. Compared to traditional access technologies, biometrics has the advantage that it is inherent in the use of human physiological characteristics and behavioral characteristics for personal identification, either from the convenience of the security considerations or are upgrading. However, from the point of view of market applications, in addition to wider application of fingerprint identification in attendance outside the field,Face Recognition, Vein recognition and evenIris RecognitionAnd so there is no civilian trend emerging technology, usually only used in some secret organization or for special security requirements of high places. In support of biometric technology, the access control system there may be new norm. The biometric and access rights data stored in the card and encryption, so that only the local reader can use the data. Biometrics will be used to interpret the data card and get access permission. The reader must be connected in some way with the authorization database, and updated as needed Kari information. Data communication is developed from scratch, just as a mechanical lock system to use proprietary protocols cable systems, to use the network standard communication protocol system. Data communication is more developed, less dependence on device connection cables. Wireless communication more popular, network services will become the cornerstone of the future dissemination of information database system.