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The face turns into an "access card", and the AI ​​technology shows its power.

  • Author:HFSecurity
  • Release on :2019-11-14
Before the Alipay brush face payment, after the iPhone X's brush face unlock, in a few short years, the application of face recognition technology quickly spread. As a popular technology of artificial intelligence, face recognition technology has the advantages of biometrics, non-contact, and high speed of convergence. The acceptance of merchants and end users is also rising. At the same time, major technology companies are striving for singularity, and the application scene of “brushing face” in Internet life has already become a trend.

In the security field, smart access control has become the most typical application of face recognition technology.

With tha maturity of concepts such as smart citiies and smart communities, the current smart access control industry chain is becoming more and more perfect. Micro-netwaork communication loT service platform launched "micro-network communication smart face recognition access control system" is built with face recognition technology as the core, is currently widely used in various smart communities, smart schools, smart parks, commerical complexes...

There is no need to trigger through the fingerprint or the door card. As long as the person passes the device, the fae recognition access control system will quickly and accurately make the result of the release, and the operation is simple and fast. Just brush your face and let the machine go? That's right, this kind of black technology that "takes people by appearance" has only appeared in science fiction movies, and now it is a normal life scene.

Racial Recognition with turnstiles

The face turns into an "access card", and the AI ​​technology shows its power.

With the development of technologies in all aspects of the Internet and the Internet of Things, the security systems in most communities and park systems are being upgraded every year, and the requirements for security, convenience, and stability are increasing.

Traditional sensory access control and biometric access control often use access control cards, fingerprints or passwords as the main means of access control system authentication. The verification process is cumbersome and inefficient, the security is relatively low, and the management is not perfect, the card is lost or strange. The drawbacks of visitors' security risks are increasingly difficult to meet the needs of current users. At this time, the birth of face recognition access control technology, such as access control card, password access control and fingerprint identification, has a bright future, and has become a new choice for campus and building security management.

According to the technical staff of the micro-network communication, the "micro-network communication smart face recognition access control system" is mainly composed of three parts: web server, PC-side background management system and access control hardware. The web server obtains images through the camera and encodes and uploads them to the cloud. The platform uses the algorithm to compare the faces, and then sends an instruction to control the access control switch according to the returned recognition result. The whole process takes time in milliseconds, which can make the user have no perception, and the misrecognition rate is less than 0.001%.

Using AI technology to analyze people's facial features to complete identity verification, not only has the characteristics of high recognition accuracy, low performance requirements for hardware devices, but also avoids direct contact between human body and machine, eliminating the need for property staffing and management confusion. Bacterial infection and other aspects of trouble.

Micro-network communication face recognition access control system application scenario

“Micronet Tonglian's current solutions for customers include core functions such as personnel access, attendance services, security management, visitor management, and intelligent decision-making. It can realize data fusion and integration in building parks, office environments, public places and other specific places. Management and smart applications. Bringing a more comfortable digital experience to end users, with the goal of creating a higher level of interaction between people and people in the IoT era."

Convenience and security sharing, smart security new standard

In addition to the advantages presented by the management, the convenience of face recognition access control is obvious. Different from the common problems of forgetting to use access control cards and fingerprint recognition failures, the face becomes the only key and safe and fast “key” for ordinary users, making it convenient for community owners who have already popularized the device. Of course, some people have raised the question: When the light is dark at night, the face is not clear and how to brush the face? For the problem of night face recognition, the micro-network communication technician also gives the answer: face recognition technology is not the same as before, ambient light has little effect on today's face recognition technology, even under night light. Easily recognize faces.

In terms of security, smart access control has become a powerful weapon to prevent strangers from entering and leaving at will, and to strengthen the safety management of the community. This point is mainly aimed at the fact that the copying cost of the access control card is low, and the fingerprint has a fingerprint film to replace it, which can effectively prevent the suspicious strangers from entering and leaving at will. In view of the entry and exit management of the school staff, Weiwang Tonglian also provides a “smart campus” solution for daily student identification, and open access for faculty and parents, 100% real name verification, to prevent strangers from entering the campus, and to ensure School safety.

In addition, according to the technical personnel, in order to avoid some safety hazards, the face recognition system can also apply for connection with the database of the public security department. Once the key prevention personnel are found, an early warning will be automatically issued to promptly reject the risk factors. Effectively strengthen security management.

AI blessing, future smart life is ready to go

With the popularization of Internet of Things technology, the concept of intelligence has penetrated into the main context of the construction of smart cities, smart transportation, smart communities, and smart campuses. It is a smart community with close relationship with ordinary residents. As a comprehensive application of the next generation of information technology such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and mobile Internet, it provides a community of residents with a safe, comfortable and convenient modern and intelligent living environment. As a major entry point for intelligent life, the intelligent access control of AI blessing is bound to become a powerful weapon to improve the security of the community and improve the community environment.

Of course, the development of the industry requires more joint efforts of enterprises and institutions.

From the perspective of the industrial chain, it is no exaggeration to say that the current "smart life" period has come. Micro-network communication's "smart face recognition access control system" is also inevitably updated with the needs and the development of the times. According to reports, as a service enterprise that has been deeply cultivating for more than ten years in the field of cloud communication and Internet of Things, Weiwang Tonglian's IoT service platform is improving day by day, providing users with a full-process industry solution from intelligent product development to operation, covering smart security. , smart logistics, smart municipal, smart meter reading and smart business, etc., of which smart access control projects have been widely implemented in major technology parks and living communities.

The growth of new things requires a process, and it requires the precipitation of technology and time. The new revolution is not a one-step process. Just as wisdom access control is gradually becoming the new standard of security for smart life, we look forward to the coming of smart life in the future.