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The development trend of fingerprint identification industry in recent years in China

  • Author:zz
  • Source:zz
  • Release on:2015-11-13
China's fingerprint identification industry start
In 2003, Mr. Mao Juyong's "historical analysis and trend forecast of China's biometrics industry", for the development of China's bio identification industry, has such a wonderful analysis: "China's biometric industry third wave input, from 2002 began, is expected to continue until 2004. The feature of this wave of investment is that the number is not much (expected to reach 30 to 40) in 2004...... The investment in average strength before herewith the two wave was the highest compared, investment is the most clear, starting point is high, mostly straight to the core technology and application of terminal products design manufacturing process. "
Good, as Mr. Mao said, before 2005 China biometric industry (mainly in the fingerprint identification) after three inputs to prepare and power accumulation and in 2005, China's fingerprint identification industry corps have mushroomed have sprung up, from devote steering pre meaning "siege." So in 2005 for the Chinese fingerprint identification industry is a turning point, is a milestone. But this does not mean that in 2005 was a harvest year, actually is more like a "broken shell and the acceptance market trials and hardships," "rehearsal before the war years". In this year, China's fingerprint industry key events occur frequently and life, the entire industry product form, industry, demand patterns are constantly mature, clear, from the beginning to the end of the year has been a major change in all aspects.
First look at the product form analysis in 2005.
Product categories are increasingly rich, and gradually extended to the application of PC peripheral. In the Chinese mainland market, the current fingerprint products not only cover the fingerprint access control, fingerprint lock, fingerprint safe, fingerprint password box, fingerprint remote control and other physical security products, but also in the field of information security products is gradually expanding. Like a fingerprint U disk, fingerprint mobile hard drive, fingerprint notebook computer, fingerprint, fingerprint keyboard, mouse and other products in 2005 have been on stage, becoming the focus of the media and consumers. Single on the fingerprint U disk is concerned, the mainland market in 2005 there are 13 kinds of 20 kinds of. As shown in Figure 1. Fingerprint mobile hard drive has 5 kinds of 5. 7 kinds of fingerprint mouse 7. The fingerprint keyboard is just at the initial stage, only domestic Shenzhen launched a deer. These are for the 2005 Chinese fingerprint identification market, is a big score. Of course, from a global point of view, these figures are still weak.