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The Past and Present of Access Control Systems Market

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  • Release on:2016-07-15

With the rapid development of the global economy, and concerns about security issues prompted the rapid development of the global security industry market. Economic development is a cause for concern in the process of social peace and order, widening gaps between rich and poor in developing countries rising crime rates, social demand for security products is also rising.

Present entrance system and monitoring, burglar alarm, intercom systems integration is the trend, and four security systems has become increasingly blurred, four security systems rely on software integration platform, including access control and parking management system access systems and intercom system integration were also the first to start.

Access control systems in the past

Access control systems and parking systems called access control system, as the name suggests is to control and egress systems, where to release some and reject some of the people and when to issue alerts, access process memory in order to control the safety of. It is based on the traditional hardware development. Traditional mechanical locks are only simple mechanical devices, no fingerprint biometric time attendance management system matter how reasonable structural design, materials, how strong, they may by all means open it. In heavy traffic in and out of the channel key's management is very troublesome, keys or turnover is often replaced with locks and keys.

In order to solve these problems, electronic magnetic card locks, electronic locks that lock appears to some extent improve the management level of the entrance channel, channel management entered the electronics era, but with the application of the two kinds of electronic locks and their weaknesses exposed. Magnetic stripe to store information, contact between the card and reader wear large, high failure rate,magnetic card lock problem is that information is easy to copy, the safety push button combination lock coefficient is low.

Access control systems in this life

In recent years with induction card technology, biological recognition technology of development, access system get has more fast of development, into has maturity, appeared has induction cassette access system, fingerprint access system, Iris access system, refers to vein recognition web based time attendance software access system, people face recognition access system, mess sequence keyboard access system, various technology of system, they in security, convenient sex, easy management sex, aspects are the has specialist, access system of application field also increasingly wide. With increased use of smartphones and other portable devices, using the Smartphone as a tool for identifying access control systems have appeared.

Face recognition biometric technology is popular with industry in recent years, many video surveillance manufacturers of face recognition algorithms written to the camera itself, to promote intelligent camera image and added value. Face recognition technology is widely used in regional characteristics analysis of algorithms, it incorporates principles of computer image processing and biometrics in one, using computer image processing technology from video portraits feature point extraction and principle of establishing mathematical model of the use of biometrics, facial feature templates. Leverage built in facial features templates and measured the facial characteristics of people who, based on an analysis of the results to a similar value. This value can be the same person.

Access control system functions are also increasing, such as campus common card system is not only used for access control management is widely used for dining, library, hostel management. Because the Internet is also used to identify technology,makes the identification of applications is growing.

In a variety of access control devices, biometric access authentication has become more common. Fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, vein recognition, face recognition has its advantages. Next, access control system, security, application integration, openness, diversification and the cloud's ability to control future development trend.