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The New Ultrasonic Fingerprint Identification Technology

  • Author:zz
  • Source:zz
  • Release on:2016-12-07

In the market, the common fingerprint reader uses optical sensor and capacitance sensor. Here is to introduce the new ultrasonic fingerprint identification technology.

Its working principle is that the ultrasonic wave can penetrate the materials, and get different echo according to different materials. As the scan and the air have different impedance with the acoustic wave, it can identify the fingerprint ridge and Fingerprint valley.

The Qualcomm has finished the 3D fingerprint sensor solution, stime attendance with access controller which is based on ultrasonic technology. And this fingerprint digital door lock ultrasonic fingerprint identification solution will be widely used in mobile phones. It can detect the fingerprint Dermis and get a 3D image, which is hardly to be copied and increase the security of mobile phone. Ultrasonic fingerprint identification is suitable for dirty finger better, easy to use. The ultrasonic can penetrate the hotel card lock management software material made of glass, Lu, stainless steel, plastic, etc, thus is easy to integrated into the mobile phone.

This ultrasonic fingerprint identification solution will beyond people’s expectation!