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The Mid Year Conclusion and Celebration of Huifan Tech

  • Author:zz
  • Source:zz
  • Release on:2017-08-08
From Aug 5th- Aug 7th, is a great event in Huifan Tech, it’s the mid year conclusion and celebration meeting, we had a great time get together.

On Aug 5th, we drove into a mountains and had a meeting to summarise the achievements and weakenss from the past 6 month and last season, and oppertunities for the coming half year, each team gave a speech to everyone and settled the target amount together during the meeting, including the Shenzhen team, made an online meeting at the same time with us.

After the meeting in the mountains, we had an exciting activities, we drifted through the little river in a small canoeing. So cool in the water,  everybody enjoyed a lot in the water.

On Aug 7th morning, we had a morning meeting as usual, but the most important part is the prize-awarding ceremony for the top team and freshmen, also the share annual bonus for 2016.
Thanks for every’s effort, and we are going to do better in the coming months, to achieve the target and make a great future together.