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The Development of Fingerprint Recognition Technology

    BC 7000--6000 of ancient Assyrians and Chinese became aware of the characteristics of the fingerprint,and the fingerprint had been as a symbol of personal identity.Mid-19th century began the study of of the fingerprint in scientific area,and produced two important conclusions:
    1.There is no consistent pattern of two fingerprints of the fingerprint ridge.
    2.The fingerprint ridge will not change lifelong.
    Therefore,some governments adopted the fingerprint technology to identify criminals.To the 1960's,there were some computer hardware that could handle the fingerprint image, automated fingerprint identification system began with a gradual used global.After 1980,with the invention of personal computer and optical fingerprint scanner,fingerprint recognition technology has begun to enter the non-judicial fields,such as identity cards.In 1990,the emergence of low-cost fingerprint sensor,computing devices and the accurate matching algorithm,making fingerprint identification technology move to the individual applications gradually. 

    To the twentieth century,fingerprint identification technology started to develop rapidly, fingerprint door lock,fingerprint access control, fingerprint time attendance,fingerprint card and a series of fingerprint products emerging in people's daily lives,fingerprint recognition technology has got more and more attention and application. 

    In fact,there are various issues and problems in the products and markets,such as the state has not specific industry standards,and there are not many high quality companies and brands,most salespeople in this industry lack of professional sales training,product marketing is not effective and so on,but we are very optimistic about the potential and prospects of this market. Who is the last of the strong,to see who can seize the opportunity and how to face the growing competition.