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Subversive black technology "face recognition" B-side market is expected to take the lead

  • Author:zz
  • Source:zz
  • Release on:2017-04-18
Face recognition is a kind of biometrics based on human face feature information. As the first entrance of intelligent society, face recognition is regarded as subversive black technology by capital. In our lives, face recognition technology has gradually entered the laboratory from day to day, whether it is access control, attendance system, or pay, entertainment applications, have begun to use this technology.

In 2016, an identity officer in Guiyang a train station pickpocketing. After receiving the alarm, the police immediately rushed to the scene, but the face of surging crowd, simply can not find clues, only through the description of the passengers to find out the suspect's general height, weight, facial contours, work difficult to carry out. Coincides with the Guiyang City Public Security Bureau data command center put into use, police handling the case immediately think of using face recognition technology, the use of "video tracking" technology and tactics, in the massive data retrieval, through the feature extraction method, the successful retrieval of suspect information , Quickly locate the suspect's trajectory. At the same time, judged the relevant clues, access to a clear picture of the suspect face. Subsequently, the suspect's face photos on the relevant person in the face of the library compared to lock the suspects, and the immediate implementation of arrest, the successful detection of the case.
March 27, 2017, Huatai Securities "face recognition" through the early trial operation, in its all branches of the full launch. "Self-timer ID card can be compared to one-thousand times the wrong rate, the accuracy rate of up to 99.65%." According to the technology of Huatai Securities official said, the technology is based on the basis of the Ministry of Public Security and the national citizens Identity card number query service center to achieve the strategic cooperation of the portrait than the service. "Face recognition technology can always access the Ministry of Public Security query service center database."

Marriage registration, some identity cards and their appearance difference is large, the account of this information and dictation does not match, will lead to the registrar can not accurately verify the work to bring inconvenience. Recently, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Yongjia County, the province's first face recognition self-certification system for marriage registration business. It is reported that the total of 8 sets of face recognition system were placed in the eight marriage registration window, and has been officially put into use. The system through the second generation ID card photos and face scan photos for accurate and accurate comparison, effectively identify the witness is consistent, to identify the identity to provide a great guarantee.
April 8 from Jinan to enter the annual "two sessions" time, on the morning of April 7, in Jinan Shungeng halls, Jinan City, the CPPCC site to enable face recognition system, face recognition to identify three times a second, after identification will give members Send text messages, tips, etc.
In the criminal investigation case, the application of face recognition system, effectively avoid the video detection sea tactics, through massive search, from millions of data in accurate and fast to lock the target, to ensure the timeliness of information retrieval; by importing video Tracking, time and space analysis, check out the location and other technical methods, to achieve the depth of data mining, for the police to provide high-value clues.
In the financial industry, face recognition technology in the financial field of rapid expansion, will be conducive to the rapid formation of the relevant industry chain, which also makes the industry chain companies directly benefit. With the rapid development of intelligent technology, including face recognition, the related industry chain companies will benefit directly, while some of the foresight of the "early bird" company will get first-mover advantage, the first station on the outlet.
In the administrative service, the face recognition technology not only effectively improve the efficiency of the staff to reduce the occurrence of work errors, for the service object, but also reduce the unnecessary trouble in the course of doing things, enjoy more efficient and efficient service, Own information security is guaranteed.
Artificial intelligence has been developed at the national level for the first time since 2015, compared to the screening of artificial intelligence in all areas of landing progress that 2017 artificial intelligence is expected to first in the field of face recognition to achieve the outbreak. Mainly as follows: 1, the overall policy support for artificial intelligence continues to increase, artificial intelligence in 2017 was first written into the government report, face recognition policy environment is good; 2, first pre-restricted face recognition application development precision problem in the 2015 has been basically resolved, the current identification performance must further enhance the product promotion has no technical problems; 3, for the core needs of security to promote face recognition products continue to penetrate many areas, the current face recognition products have been in some areas Open the incremental market, such as the financial sector has a number of banks for multiple business segments, and the larger security market is about to break out; 4, video surveillance system construction has reached a certain level, the need for face recognition products to promote its construction further deepen. 5, face recognition 2017 outbreak has become the basic industry consensus, the industry leading companies in the end of 2016 to 2017 early completion of a large number of new round of financing (1), the implementation of the face of the recognition of face recognition is expected to provide a strong impetus; , Listed companies in 2017 also launched a large number of commercial face recognition products, Baidu will face recognition as the focus of 2017 direction, 2017 face recognition outbreak has become a consensus, multi-input to increase common to accelerate the development of the market.
On the newspaper reported that the industry said that China's face recognition industry demand, demand driven to lead enterprises to invest in funds. At present, the technology has a large-scale commercial conditions, the next three to five years will grow rapidly. This year, this technology is expected to usher in the field of security outbreak. As the first entrance of intelligent society, face recognition is regarded as subversive black technology by capital. In China, up to the three major Internet giant BAT, down to the entrepreneurial team have been layout. Technical bottlenecks have spawned a number of application scenarios. B-end scene of the core driving force lies in security needs, there are many landing cases. In the absence of consideration of existing cameras and other security hardware and software system replacement case, a rough estimate of the main application areas of market size, more than 1.6 billion public security areas, more than 5 billion transportation areas, the financial sector billion level, education billion level. C-end market because the profit model is not yet mature, mainly integrated in the smart phone or mounted in the form of intelligent camera sales, the market has not yet fully open. B-side market is expected to take the lead outbreak.