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Smartphone access cards to break traditional smart card mode

  • Author:zzx
  • Source:zzx
  • Release on:2015-11-23
As technology advances,Access CardIt can be more complex applications, such as 13.56MHz contactless Contactless smart card, the cardholder can not only bind to better mutual authentication with the reader security. In addition, safety storage contactless smart cards to support multiple applications such as biometric identification, electronic payment As well as security and other PC desktop login. Until now, we still need to identify this type of card access control system rules stored between the reader and the central controller for secure identification, to decide whether to open the door.

As people move into an enhanced, more advanced applications as well as the growing threat of a new era of security, access control industry is also gradually move towards a new generation of portable identity authentication access control architecture. A new generation of access control Technology, such as iCLASS SE, so credentials can be safely embedded into fixed or mobile devices, and security settings, not only improves safety, but also the access control technology can be applied to virtual credentials.

The first step to support the portable authentication is to establish a reliable authentication framework, within the network to verify that all terminal equipment (such as voucher cards, printers, card readers and NFC-enabled mobile phone, etc.) to make the terminal device Data transmission between devices safe. HID Global's Trusted Identity Platform (referred TIP) is one of a support framework for secure data transmission. TIP established an extensible framework and delivery infrastructure, which provides three kinds of important functions: between hardware and software That useSafe passage, the best key management and security settingsSeamless integration processes, and IT infrastructure.

A credible framework must be adopted while security credentials, open and independent Secure Identity Object (SIO) data structure; the reader side is using the corresponding SIO decoder. SIO is a standards-based, device-independent data objects can be stored on any number of authentication devices. SIO SIO and function decoder performs with the traditionalCards and readersSimilarly, the data structure is only used for more secure and flexible.