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Security Market: Quest Integrated Access technology trends

   Integrated Access technology trends

Access has been the field of security in a large market, almost every company has its own access. But access applications everywhere, but not the same. There are simple and complex, there are fancy practical. Access is very complex world, a world very simple access, then access the world in the end how it? It's the way of the future will show what kind of situation do? Today, we have to find out.

First, let's understand what is Access

Access etymology by Wei Li Tao Yuan, "Waterways. Valley Water ":." Cao Zijian taste line Royal Street, commit access, in order to see the thin "access in the modern sense indicated permission is prohibited door access door, the door alert precautions, is a modern safety management system, which combines computer automatic identification technology and modern safety measures as a whole, involving a lot of new technology in electronics, machinery, optics, computer technology, communications technology, biotechnology and so on. It is an effective measure to solve the important sectors entrance implement security management. Access is widely used in modern society, shopping malls, buildings, schools could be seen.

So in modern society, which has begun to lead the trend of the access it?

In modern societyBiometricsRelying on the access already began sweeping the world.

Biometric technology advances

Biometric technology has developed to a higher level

Biometric technology is based on biometric with the "All different, life-long, carry" the characteristics, the use of biometric or behavioral characteristics of individuals identification technology. Which includesFingerprint recognition, Facial recognition, iris recognition,Palmprint recognition, Pulse recognition, ear recognition recognition technology. Which is currently the most widely used, the loudest voices are fingerprint, face, iris recognition technology.

Fingerprint recognition

Fingerprint identification is mainly backed by the unique fingerprint of each individual, through texture fingerprints to identify a person's identity. The advantage of this method is to identify simple, fast, easy to operate, just one press on the identification version, you can immediately identifiable. General fingerprint identification machines are compact and easy to install, test speed, is ideal for the rapid detection of places, such asCompany AttendanceSchool attendance play to their strengths are its place. The disadvantage is that the accuracy is not high, prone to error, the machine easily damaged. Fingerprint recognition is currently the most widely used access control technique, because of its features are more widely used for simple attendance.

Facial recognition

Facial recognition is a means to identify people through facial features. The advantage of this method is that the identification recognition speed, recognition results more intuitive. People just stand in front of a recognition machine, the screen immediately shows your image, to quickly identify your face and let you quickly through access control. This identification method is very suitable for companies, financial and other fields. However, the shortcomings at this stage it is also very obvious. For example, in the most basic attendance and access control, its price seems expensive side. The immature technology also allows many customers it prohibitive. In addition, the volume is too large is also a big problem, early facial recognition engine over the pursuit of visual effects, the front of the display is too large it suitable environment is too small. Currently facial recognition technology in these areas have made great improvement, but also by the industry as the next best facial recognition technology markets. Now, facial recognition technology has begun to explore and expand in building access control, even in the financial sector has been the use of facial recognition bank promptly to find VIP customers, to improve service quality. All these show that facial recognition technology is to further expand the market, the outlook uncertain.

Iris Recognition

Iris recognition is through the use of the eyes were a unique iris recognition technology. It is now considered to be the safest, highest accuracy rate of identifying technology. Its advantage is high accuracy, good security. The disadvantage is that recognition complex, recognition is slow, slightly higher than other identifying products on price. Due to the above characteristics, it is the market in the application of the special. Usually a large secret unit, the key department uses iris recognition. And at the grassroots level, such as schools, companies access control is rarely used. However, it is still very optimistic about the industry's development, the current iris recognition products have been considerable improvements in the recognition speed, but because the price has been high, the low-end market has not fully occupied.

Biometric technology has been raging madness in the field of access control, it does not mean other technology in the field of access to nothing, relying on wireless intelligent access control technology is quietly rising.

Leading wireless and intelligent access control

Wireless Access Technology

Wireless access control products from birth to the present, through constant evolution of technology has emerged through FSK, GPRS, Bluetooth, and other transmission products. With the rise of the Internet of Things technology, networking access control products has been widespread concern within the security industry. For now, wireless access is needed to solve the problem of channel. Wireless network surveillance cameras with the same equipment in by wireless transmission, without exception, are susceptible because the signal was criticized. In large companies, schools, computer electronics caused by excessive electromagnetic interference will be a major weakness of wireless access. How to solve this problem will become a bottleneck in its development.

Yes, the big trend in the field of access control is now recognized as the main development direction of smart, traditional card access control seems increasingly being marginalized. But it is not willing to be forgotten, with their own innovation to re-evoke its attention. Maybe you work for a company access wired or wireless you do not care, but for your access card use, presumably you will cause interest. Currently the industry launched a phone card model, it is to let the traditional punch card access control breakthrough in the new environment.

Phone card technology introduction of the eye

Phone card early in a long time ago has been applied to other industries. We often see that McDonald's customers to use the phone to buy food in the behavior of code is a pattern of phone card. At present, China Mobile's latest phone card will be domestic consumption, attendance,Access Control SystemCom, the mobile phone as access cards, truly a multi-purpose card idea. This will not only convenient for users, but also significant savings in resources. In terms of the user experience is a good idea. Phone card but the biggest difficulty lies in systems integration, it must have a strong common platform to the integration of multiple functions. But this difficulty beat today's technology, in the past, based on China Mobile has launched a new project, you can apply more parking management, water control and other subsystems developed, and access control attendance combination of mobile phone card wider range of applications. These sub-functions, work attendance for the family can be described as a great temptation. Many people go to work to stop the advance of the parking lot can be managed through phone book parking spaces. When pay parking fees via mobile phone payments. This will not only save time, improve efficiency, and improve the user experience. This is for working people is fatal temptation.

We know that the security system integration is the entire security industry trend. Traditional access control systems to seize this focus, advocated innovation, which combines both wireless and card access control functions into one, or to focus on one of the traditional access control, we are regarded as a way to survive adversity.

to sum up:

Times are always in progress, science and technology will focus on the real needs of the people to develop a lot of high-tech products. In the future, whether traditional or accessIntelligent accessOnly around the real needs of human beings developed access control, access control is good. However, functional integration, intelligence will be the future development direction of the access control system.