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Secure Identity Alliance welcomes ID4Africa as advisory observer

  • Author:HF Security
  • Release on:2017-11-17
November 15, 2017 -
ID4Africa has joined the Secure Identity Allianceas an Advisory Observer.
ID4Africa will support the Secure Identity Alliance’s work advocating for trusted digital identities for all in Africa and will provide valuable knowledge-sharing and insights on launching successful and sustainable identity programs across the continent.
ID4Africa Executive Chairman Dr Joseph J. Atick will represent ID4Africa. Dr. Atick brings more than 25 years experience with many of the world’s leading identity programs and is an active partner of many international organizations in identity for development initiatives around the world.

Chongqing Huifan Technology Co., Ltd.
“The social and economic impact of e-ID for African countries is significant and is vital to ensuring that ordinary citizens will be able to claim their rights and benefit from the fruits of development,” explains Dr Atick. “The Secure Identity Alliance is perfectly placed to help us enable governments and other organizations in Africa understand the positive impact of digital identity in socio-economic and political development and implement digital identity systems that work for all.”
The digital identity movement in Africa aims to deliver against the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16.9, to provide legal identity for all including free birth registrations by 2030.
“Dr Atick is a strong advocate of privacy and the responsible use of identity technology, and brings with him a wealth of hands-on knowledge and expertise in this field,” commented Frédéric Trojani, president of the Secure Identity Alliance. “He has been and is involved in a great many programs in Africa. This knowledge will prove invaluable as we continue to evolve programs that support governments in the region become part of the Digital Identity Revolution.”