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RFID 2017 development trend

  • Author:zz
  • Source:zz
  • Release on:2017-02-09
Each year, I will write the next year, the RFID industry-related forecasts. In the past few years, I have said that RFID technology in apparel retail will continue to be popular, but still

Did not reach the critical point of the outbreak. But 2017 is probably the outbreak of the year.
The outbreak of a new technology must have five conditions. First, there must be a problem (or economic problem) that no other technology can solve. For clothing retail

Business is the problem is that they exist in the inventory management problems. In the past, the industry inventory unit (SKU) level of inventory accuracy of about 65%. RFID technology

Can be raised to more than 95%.
    Second, the industry needs to have a global standard. Apparel tracking, all retailers are using passive UHF RFID technology.
    Third, the industry must have a complete set of products or integrated solutions. Now, more and more companies in their hardware solutions to add software, more and more hard

And software companies to provide a complete package.
    Finally, the industry must have enough end-users to adopt the technology, and the industry must have a generally recognized "giant." Geoffrey Moore said,

Giant "is the dominant technology provider, such as the PC field of IBM, Apple's smart phone area.Now, the RFID field does not have this level of" giant "

. The market is not dominated by a particular RFID retailer or technology provider. At present, the market has not yet reached the latter part of the public use of the outbreak. But today

Year, the market is likely to emerge as a giant of the status of the enterprise, enough companies to adopt the technology will also promote the market more quickly.
    Time is always unpredictable. In the past, I have always thought 2018 RFID will reach the critical point of retail clothing, but it now appears that in 2017 may be achieved. If this

If so, other industries will accelerate the adoption of this technology.