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Push intelligent fingerprint lock and cat eye intelligent gating system

  • Author:zz
  • Source:zz
  • Release on:2017-04-07
Home is always thieves like to break the place, the police data show that from the door into the burglary accounted for 57%, and "did not find violence to break." In such a high frequency of attack, to consolidate the security of the family has become a key factor in family security. Now, the introduction of an intelligent anti-theft device - intelligent gating system, which through intelligent fingerprint lock and intelligent cat's eye linkage combination, change "passive defense" as "active anti-theft" thief has not yet started, the user has received information , Thus establishing a solid and reliable security line for the family.
Five years, from the user's security needs, the mobile broadband technology, Internet of things sensing technology and healthy living, home security combined, developed a series of specialized, intelligent home security products. Years of deep plowing family security industry, aware of a simple passive anti-theft has been insufficient to meet the needs of each family's security, in the end how to completely consolidate the family's first line of defense has become the primary problem of product development. After five years of research and development, improve, and finally completed a system of intelligent security products.
With the door of the intelligent gating system, users can not only through the intelligent cat's eye inside the door to clearly view the situation outside the door, but also at any time through the mobile APP to understand the family, visitors access information. Whenever a stranger door, smart cat's eye will be the first time to capture images, video information pushed to the user's mobile phone, early warning, to prevent the threat outside the home.
Intelligent gating system intelligent fingerprint lock not only the use of tamper, anti-saw, anti-collision three anti-patent international lock body, which is the use of fingerprint fingerprints Swiss biological fingerprint technology, anti-copy, fast identification, safe and more reliable. In addition, the intelligent fingerprint lock also installed the internal wireless communication module, not only support the fingerprint, password unlock, but also through the mobile phone to achieve remote unlock, even if the user is not at home for the family or friends in time to open the door, to avoid embarrassment.
This set of intelligent security concept of the implementation of the intelligent gating system, through the smart cat's eye on the outside of the home environment for detection, analysis, early warning, the use of intelligent fingerprint lock to complete the security of home consolidation, optimize the mode of operation, the two interlinked, The first security line.