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Programs of security doors - typical attendance system solutions

   In order to strengthen management, a company wants to use fingerprint recognition technology staff attendance at its plant. Among the many for authenticationBiometricsin,Fingerprint Identification TechnologyIs the most convenient, reliable, non-invasive and inexpensive price solutions. Fingerprint recognition technology has a long history, this technology through fingerprint analysis of global features and local features, feature values ​​extracted from the fingerprint can be very detailed in order to reliably confirm a person's identity through fingerprints. This is enough to confirm whether fingerprinting is - on average each fingerprint has several unique features point measurable, each feature point has about seven features, our ten fingers to produce a minimum of 4,900 independent measurable characteristic A more reliable way to identify. Fingerprints are unique body characteristics, and their complexity sufficient to provide adequate feature for authentication; if we want to increase the reliability, we only need to register more fingerprints, identification of more fingers up to up to ten , and each fingerprint is unique; scanning fingerprints fast, easy to use; when reading a fingerprint, the user must be in contact with each other the finger and fingerprint head, in direct contact with the head is to read the fingerprint biometric most reliable method. This is the fingerprint recognition technology able to occupy most of a major market. The company covers an estimated number of employees: 3-5 thousand people, the factory district total three gates, 10 wickets, employee fingerprint attendance points are distributed at the entrance to each little door, the number of wickets each attendance of about 400 people, Namely, the present system solutions need to complete routine fingerprint attendance management 3-5 thousand employees.
         The main technical difficulties and solutions: First, the number of people
   Terms of (1) Although the use of fingerprint recognition algorithm is the fastest fingerprint recognition algorithm, but terms of 4,000 people register two fingerprints per person to count the number of fingerprint registration is required for the entire system 8 one thousand computers in PentiumⅢ 800 of The average verification time attendance reached by the three seconds, and verification time attendance failed to reach the 5 seconds, which is obviously not able to accept, it must take the necessary measures to solve this problem. When attendance, people are able to accept up to three seconds of verification time, so a search range of fingerprint verification terminal verification can not be more than 4000 fingerprints. Method one: in one verification terminals, limit the number of searches in the acceptable range. For example, allow only a certain branch of the employees in the factory before the attendance machine fingerprint attendance, but attendance is not recognized at the time elsewhere. Under normal circumstances, employees only need to own factory attendance, can only access their own factory, so this method can be used in the plant less than 2,000 people, attendance is feasible. However, for the door at the time and attendance management, each branch employees are likely to use, so you can not use this method has. Method 2: In the former than the fingerprint input station number. Thus, the system only for the workers than the same number of registered fingerprint to verify the identity of employees belong to one of the comparison, and therefore in this respect to be able to verify the number of employees there is no limit. The disadvantage of this method is that: You must enter the employee's job number, which will increase the burden of memory and use of operating time employees when.    
   (2) Due to operational staff working hours are more concentrated, and therefore attendance will gather to work when many employees, we must ensure that they can be completed in a short period of time and attendance, there should be no long queues. Everyone attendance of time can not be simply calculated as the ratio of the fingerprint machine time, because employees also need to attendance, according to the fingerprint process, there may be one additional fingerprint recognition does not come out, it may be inappropriate staff to operate, leading to recognition failure, etc. etc., based on actual experience, each employee's average throughput time is 3 seconds. To estimate attendance as a time 20 minutes, an attendance point can accommodate 450 people at the same time and attendance. Taking into account the existence of unexpected events, so each attendance point can only be calculated at 400 people. For more than 400 people, plant, how much actual number of recommendations must follow to establish the number of attendance points, for example, 1,000 people to work simultaneously on the plant should be set up three attendance points, or a computer connected to three attendance terminal. Less than 400 people could just set up a branch of the attendance points.
   Second, fingerprint recognition technology fingerprint identification technology unreliability is not 100% reliable, there are two pointers "FRR" and "False Accept Rate" is used to characterize aFingerprint Identification SystemIdentification of Reliability: FRR: The percentage refers to the system does not recognize a registered fingerprint probability. False acceptance rate: refers to the system to become a misidentified fingerprint probability percentage of other fingerprints. Fingerprint recognition technology is one of the most reliable fingerprint recognition technology, the nominal rate of 1.0 percent refused to true, False rate of 0.001%, which means 4,000 employees, there are about 50 employees fingerprint difficult to pass, while most of the 4,000 employees of the plant calculated once a month may appear miscarriage of justice. False Reject Rate and is the rate of two mutual restraint pointer, lower one, another will rise. Since the False Accept Rate is a key pointer, we must ensure that at least will not be too many false positives in a month. For the event of a miscarriage of justice, it must be an administrator to modify the record management program to ensure the correctness of attendance. Enter the number and combination of card use is the most effective way to solve the system recognition performance. Only with their fingerprints when compared to fingerprint matching, so there is no possibility to recognize false, in order to prevent the generation time and attendance, False Accept Rate may be adjusted to about 0.1%, then the real rate of 0.6% rejection to recognize difficult people reduced to 24 people.
   Third, if there is a person responsible for summary attendance statistics, you can only use the fingerprint attendance, for large factories and businesses, this is the preferred solution. If you do not want to appear miscarriage of justice cases, you can use ID + fingerprint attendance manner.