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Perilous, your "guardian keeper" choose?

   Door, is a place where we have access to the necessary land, but also bear the brunt of this place when faced with dangerously. A city, and the gates once the fall, is the face of the fall; a company, once the door was broken, faced with trade secrets is exposed to sunlight, thus losing a foothold in this; a family, the house was broken once faced Security is the family's exposure in front of criminals, thus losing the fundamental home. In ancient times, our ancestors in the house posted goalkeeper portrait in order to woo the goalkeeper in peace; now,Access Control SystemWe have become the protection of life and property safety of the new "keeper." However, these new "keeper" Today, they have what features? Its mounting structure and how? How should we selection? Next, let us take a look at eleven.

Access classification and encryption

Access control systems by means of identification can generally be divided into the following categories:

Password identification. These products can be divided into common type and scrambled keyboard type. Which facilitate common type operation, without carrying the card, low cost; but it is only the number of groups that can accommodate a small number of passwords, password easy to leak, poor security, no access to records, only one-way control. Shuffle keyboard type operation easy, without carrying the card, the safety factor is slightly higher; however it is also likely to reveal passwords, security is not high, no access to records, only one-way control, high cost.

Card identification. Class access control system via card reader or reader encryption methods to identify and out privileges, can be divided into categories according to the card magnetic cards and radio cards. Magnetic low cost, one person, one card (+ PIN), safety in general, could be linked computer, there are open records; card equipment easy to wear, shorter life expectancy, the card is easy to copy, easy two-way control, card information is easily lost due to external magnetic field, make card invalid. The RF card chip without contact with the device, convenient and safe to open the door, long life, theoretical data at least ten years, safety, may join the computer, there are open records, you can achieve two-way control, the card is difficult to be copied; but its cost is relatively high.

Biometrics. Class access control systems by inspectors biometric and other ways to identify and out, there is a fingerprint pattern, iris pattern, face type, finger vein type. Class high security access control system, without carrying the card; but its high cost, the recognition rate is relatively cards should be lower, and the recognition speed is relatively slow, environmental requirements and user requirements, inconvenient to use.

With the development process, the access control system is facing a growing challenge in terms of safety. Password identification, whether ordinary or out of sequence Keypad are easy password leak; card identification cards are easily replicated; and biometric has its crack of the Road, for example, the recent hit movie "Mission Impossible 5: land of mystery," and its series of films "Mission Impossible 4" have proposed a face recognition technology to break the program --3D printing technology, from "Mission Impossible 4" release date, there are still many manufacturersFace RecognitionTechnology can be used to crack the crack program, of course, this program is only a few people break can do, after all, for now, 3D printer is not so common.