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Optical fingerprint recognition

  • Author:zz
  • Source:zz
  • Release on:2017-03-15
   Optical fingerprint recognition usher in opportunities
   2016 is the fingerprint identification in the smart phone market development peak, into 2017 years later, this state will continue to upgrade, from the perspective of fingerprint identification chip, the price war will become mainstream. From the program point of view, including coating (Coating), cover (glass, sapphire, ceramic), hidden and other fingerprint recognition programs are sought after by different models. 2016 is still the main coating program, but the cover program is also growing this year is expected to continue.
   In the second half of 2016, a small number of brands of high-end models have begun to test water hidden (IFS) fingerprint identification program, mainly using capacitive, ultrasonic principle. The biggest advantage of the hidden program is that the fingerprint identification module can be made in the display under the cover plate glass, do not need to cover the glass hole, is conducive to mobile phone dust and waterproof enhancements, simplifying the production of the screen cover glass Complexity, improved yield and output efficiency, and reduced costs.
   The future, the phone screen will be no border, high-screen trend of the evolution. Millet MIX mobile phone full screen program does not affect the user to take the experience of the case, the more screen space for the display, while the appearance of stunning. Industry news that 2017 Samsung S8, LGG6 will also be a large probability of using a comprehensive screen program, coupled with the concern of the iPhone8, a comprehensive screen program will become the future of high-end models to achieve differentiated choice. And the realization of a comprehensive screen, if the use of post-fingerprint identification of the Coating program, will bring easy to wear, alignment fingerprint identification area and other issues, affect the experience. With the front of the positive recognition program is more and more used, how to achieve the premise of hidden before the program and a comprehensive screen, will be the focus of the major manufacturers concerned.
   Therefore, optical fingerprint recognition is expected to usher in hidden solutions, especially UnderDisplay or InDisplay program development opportunities, early layout of the manufacturers will take the initiative. The use of optical UG program is mainly the United States Synvent (Synaptics) and domestic capital participation in the impression of cognition (Vkansee).
   Technological change drives industry chain changes
   Optical fingerprint recognition is divided into, through the press and thin sliding two. The basic principle of the two is the same, that is, under the irradiation of the light source, through the image sensor (CMOS, CCD) camera, measured fingerprint ridge caused by uneven reflection of the reflected light contrast changes, access to fingerprint information. Light exposure to the fingerprint of the ridge and glass interface, due to the presence of diffuse scattering, will make the reflected light is weak, and the fingerprint part of the valley there is a gap for the air and glass interface, strong reflection of light. So the intensity of the reflected light contrast can reflect the fingerprint information.
   It is foreseeable that once the optical fingerprint recognition on a large scale, the relevant industry chain will usher in changes. Innovative UG solutions represented by Synopsys, related optical fingerprint recognition solutions, near-infrared LED manufacturers, image sensor manufacturers, fingerprint module manufacturers with camera module capabilities are expected to usher in opportunities to grow.
   The Apple company on the optical fingerprint recognition and Micro - LED screen, or OLED screen integration program, mainly by the two screen capacity constraints, and in the Micro - LED screen field, Apple 's LuxVue, Sony, Samsung , Leti, PlayNitride and other companies in this area are a large number of layout, and OLED screen is mainly Samsung, LG, BOE and other companies, with scarce screen resources manufacturers will benefit from the integration of integration.
   Related industry chain will enjoy the dividend
   Analysis of the entire optical biology identification industry chain, whether it is optical fingerprint recognition, iris recognition or 3D imaging, which brought about changes in the industrial chain from the core components, namely infrared transmitter, infrared CIS camera, infrared filter, visible light CIS camera and so on. Among them, the infrared emitter includes infrared light emitting diode (LED), infrared vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL). Security monitoring is usually used 850nm, 940nm band, heart rate monitoring using 530nm, 660nm, 940nm band, blood oxygen detection using 660nm and 940nm band; iris recognition is usually used 810nm band.
   Ultimately, regardless of the Apple iPhone8 to achieve the optical fingerprint recognition, or iris recognition, or based on 3D scanning module face recognition, gesture recognition, AR and other functions, in fact, indicates that the field of consumer electronics revolution is about to open. Prior to the infrared light-related components, trapped in the market smaller, downstream applications did not start large-scale, the core parts manufacturers concerned about the lack of capacity expansion is limited.
   With the biology of 2017 turned to optical, Apple's star effect in the new machine, driven by other consumer electronics manufacturers will be fast follow-up, resulting in the surge in demand for infrared components. Future short-term infrared LED, VCSEL, filters, infrared CIS and other core components may face tight production capacity, can not meet all the needs of customers. We are optimistic about the technical barriers with the infrared components of the company, will have the right to speak the right to usher in the next few years the perfect development opportunities.