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Nikon working to integrate biometric sensors into handheld cameras

Nikon is developing a biometric sensor array for its cameras to detect biological information and emotions felt by the person taking a photograph, according to a patent filing discovered by New Camera, BRG reports..

The Japanese patent describes sensors built into the sides of a DSLR camera’s lens and the front and back of its body to read the heart rate, blood flow, perspiration, body temperature, and grip of the user. Images accompanying the document depict a thumb scanner on the rear of the camera, a fingerprint sensor beside the shutter button, and sensors for two fingers and the thumb of the other hand on either side of the lens.

“The display device includes: an input unit for inputting biometric information of a photographer at a time of photographing an image; a display unit for displaying the image; and a processing unit for estimating an emotion at the time of photographing from the biological information of the photographer and processing an image to be displayed on the display unit on the basis of the estimated emotion,” the translated patent document says, according to New Camera.

Ever AI recently added support for emotion recognition among a range of new capabilities to its facial recognition platform, while Kairos boosted its AI talent with the acquisition of Irish startup EmotionReader earlier this month, as emotion recognition technology begins to mature.