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Network-based multi-door access control system

  • Author:zzx
  • Source:zzx
  • Release on:2015-12-29

  This system is a professionalAccess Control System,Controller ReadersSplit, with the computer on-line use, have access to records, to achieve a variety of access control function, time-limited function, the door way there card / proximity card + password / Biometric three options, go to the switch and two buttons optional card, the card capacity of 6,000 people, can control 396 doors can fitAttendance softwareachieveAttendance function.

     System functions:

       1. The access door zone controls: Control what each cardholder can access door

       2. The access time controls: control cardholder allowed to enter the time range of the door

       3. Status detect door position: Displays the switch status of each door

       The open timeout alarm: the door is open for more than a preset time the door is not closed on the alert

       5. illegal intrusion alarm: When the door is opened illegally (non card door) is alert

       6. Hardware damage alarm: alarm when the outdoor reader is forced open or destroy the person

       7. Microcomputer Remote Control switch each door: can be opened or closed doors by a group of computer

       8. Inter-door interlock (anti-tail): Cardholder must be just entering the door closed in order to open the next door.

       9. sneak back (three): the cardholder must access a pre-designed route, otherwise the card is invalid

       10. The timer switch door: automatically open or close the door in a group of pre-set time period electric locks

       11. monitoring, fire systems, etc. to achieve linkage: for example the scene immediately when the door is opened by video; the event of fire electrically controlled lock all doors are automatically opened and so on. 

     System advantages:
* Controller and reader split design, multi-door control and low cost * controller is installed in the room, the control line is not exposed, safe * reader distance, speed, anti-collision design
* Large system capacity, data transmission distance, speed
* Three levels of anti-passback setting
* A variety of formats, multi-brand card reader optional * software runs fast, multi-language free choice, safe
* Easier to implement access control, attendance, fees, car parks, Patrol System card use

      System Features:

         To facilitate the management, use and maintenance simple, low system cost, access control and powerful, single computer management, RS485 encrypted communications.