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Managing visitors can help keep hospital under control

  • Author:zz
  • Source:zz
  • Release on:2016-08-04

Most hospital access points should be kept locked, funneling visitors into a single lobby entrance. Until recently, hospitals had no idea of who was visiting at any one time, but this is changing as many now install visitor management systems.

Visitors present their government-issued ID, which is scanned through the system to compare the person’s name and address with federal, state and local criminal databases and sex offender registries. Hospitals may add their own watch lists to include disgruntled former employees and people with court orders barring them from contact with a patient or staff member. The system prints temporary IDs indicating which floors/areas approved visitors are authorized to access. The time and attendance software comparison process takes about a minute to complete. Visitors likely to return can receive a multi-day pass containing a barcode to be scanned at the badging station.

A suitable access control system fingerprint biometric time attendance management system becomes more and more important to help hospital manage visitors. F17 fingerprint access controller keypad is a professional access control device to manage all kinds of visitors. It has fingerprint and card recognition type, will record everyone who is in and out. Also anti-passback will helps a lot.