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Malaysia Airlines passenger plane lost contact with far-reaching popularity of biometrics detonated

  • Author:zz
  • Source:zz
  • Release on:2016-05-31
In recent days, LANGUAGE AND CULTURE aircraft lost contact problems continue to simmer. Among them, the MAS passenger list, an Italian citizen and an Austrian citizen passport stolen in Thailand, has been confirmed No boarding, which also raised concerns LANGUAGE AND CULTURE plane lost contact involving terrorism. Biometric technology closely integrated through computer and optics, acoustics, biosensors and bio-statistical principles and other high-tech means, using the body's natural physiological characteristics (such as fingerprints, face, like, iris, etc.) and behavioral characteristics (such as handwriting, voice, gait, etc.) for personal identification. Because humans have unique biological characteristics, stability and other advantages, so the market, the user biometric recognition devices, the use of a higher degree. With biometric technology development and maturity, has been widely used in government, military, banking, social welfare and security, e-commerce, security Biometric Attendance Suppliers And Manfacturers and defense. In fact, early in the United States after 9/11, face recognition, fingerprint recognition technology has become Fingerprint Time Attendance-Huifan Technology an important guarantee for the security and defense fingerprint biometric time attendance management system of the airport, the aircraft lost contact LANGUAGE AND CULTURE make biometric technology once again become the focus of media attention. Clearly, the public security issues have become increasingly prominent, citizens' personal and property safety is threatened today, biometrics will have more useless.