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Johannesburg airport is about to start using the new digital security system

  • Author:zz
  • Source:zz
  • Release on:2016-11-18

Johannesburg, South Africa, 8th International Airport (commissioning) digital fingerprint time attendance machine price new security system. After 2 days of operation, the system is running well. The launch of the Johannesburg International Airport as the first new digital security screening system on the African remote control electric door lock continent will significantly reduce security time for passengers while ensuring and increasing safety levels.

According to the Johannesburg International Airport, passengers departing from the airport must first scan the boarding pass to be verified through the gate into the security zone. The new security system will no longer require passengers to laptop computers and other electronic products from the carry-on baggage, but cosmetics, liquids and gels still price of biometrics fingerprint scanner need to remove the single release. Subsequently, the new system will scan the whole body of passengers, and to show the way humanoid patterns. This means that the physical search process and the physical inspection process will be significantly reduced. As a result, the physical search and physical inspection after the new system is released will also be canceled.

The commissioning period for the new security screening system will end at the end of January 2017, after assessing the usefulness of the new security system and identifying areas for improvement.