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Iris recognition access control

  • Author:zzx
  • Source:zzx
  • Release on:2015-11-21
Iris recognition is eye is less disturbing effects in the related biometric technology. It uses a fairly common camera symbols, and do not require user interaction with the machine. In addition, it matches the template has the ability to achieve higher performance. Therefore, it has attracted people's attention. In all kinds of biometrics, iris recognition is currently one of the most convenient and accurate. Iris recognition access control with accuracy, anti-spoofing, practical features.

Four, facial recognition access control

Facial recognition and face recognition, face recognition, face recognition, and so on, are referred to as face recognition. Secured identification of areas can face recognition attempted to enter the identity. Face recognition system can be used for business, residential security and management.

Facial recognition is carried out according to the facial features of people identification technologies, including both standard video recognition and thermal imaging technology.

Standard video recognition is through the ordinary video camera capture their eyes, nose, mouth, facial features such as the shape and relative position, and then converts it into digital signals, and computer identification. Video face recognition is a common form of identification, are now widely used in the field of public safety.card access system for door security.

Analysis of thermal imaging technology, mainly through facial images generated by thermal radiation of the facial blood. Video identification is that thermal imaging does not require good light, even in dark conditions are normally used.

Access control system of intelligent, biological marks another milestone in the security industry establishment. Technology support, access control system must be to a new brilliance. Ensuring the safety of access control systems, can we safeguard the security of residents. Access control system still has a long road of development in the future, to improve their skills, enhance safety, and really for the people.