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Iris biometric access control systems unified plan details

  • Author:zzx
  • Release on:2015-12-21
Access Control SystemIs an important part of modern security systems, along with the continuous improvement of the domestic security of the access control system stability ﹑ ﹑ ﹑ Advanced networking requirements, etc., the user is an urgent need for a more high-performance products, capable of access control access real-time online ﹑ comprehensive and effective monitoring and management. 

    Access control systems, also known as Access Control System. Following the original key, password, SmartCard and other traditional techniques to fingerprint andIris RecognitionAs the representative of the human body with its own biometric technology is highly reliable , Uniqueness and other natural properties will increasingly take advantage of their no batch intended for. In all biometric recognition technology, iris recognition in security, reliability and other aspects unique and come out on top, in improving the Department System safety advantage is particularly evident. Because each person's iris is unique, which rules out the possibility of using other people impostor. 

    Objective Chapter II of iris recognition technology for identification 

    According to different identities based on the use of existing identification technology can be divided into the following three categories: 

    1, you can know things - password, etc., easy to crack, the lowest relative safety. 

    2, you can hold things - such as smart cards, easy to lose, so the security is low. 

    3, having your own things - iris, fingerprint and other biometric, unique and with high reliability, the highest relative safety. 

    The first recognition of "something you know" as the basis of identity, its representation technology as a password, the characteristics of this type of technology is to rely on the user when using memory. Such technology is currently the most well-known means of identification, but also Is one of the most expensive means of identification, and all ordinary people can remember passwords can be cracked by hackers in a short time, is considered the least secure (Password = Bad). 

    The second category recognition technology to "You held things' identity as the basis of its representativeness smart card technology and time tokens. The former is a small processor, input, processing, output data, but requires the use of a card reader, And it has become a professional smart card hackers target. The latter is the most common password alternatives, is characterized by its own maintains a real-time clock, time synchronization requirements when in use, and the pseudo-random number generated randomness is not strong. 

    The third category recognition technology to "have something of your own" identity as the basis, based on biometric identification technology for the human body is based, representative fingerprint technology (time the oldest), facial (accuracy too low), Rainbow Film (maximum security). Such method is a reliable method to prove personal identity is considered important recent innovation in the IT industry. $ Page_Split $

    Current biometric identification technologies, includingIris, Retina,fingerprint, Palm prints,Facial, Voice, handwriting dynamics, in May 2001 to October, the British government by the Communications-Electronics Security Group CESG (CommunicationsElectronicsSecurityGroup) commissioned by the British National Physical Laboratory (NPL) by extensive experimental research on The above types of biometric identification technologies were analyzed and compared, and the results are announced: Iris recognition is the "most accurate", "Handling the fastest" and "most difficult to counterfeit." 

    Therefore, if the iris recognition technology is widely used in access control systems identification systems, will greatly improve the safety and reliability of the access control system operation, reducing identity by posing some places into the possibility of illegal and criminal activities to the maximum extent , greatly reducing the access control system security due to existing and potential technical vulnerabilities, hazards and risks.

    The third chapter introduces iris 

    Biological activity: The iris is the visible part of the human eye, in the lower sclera protection, with a strong biological activity. For example, the size of the pupil with the light intensity changes; there are not conscious of the adjustment process depending on the material; up to a dozen per second Zoom pupil unconscious; in the human brain death, in a deep coma or eye tissue from the body, the iris tissue that is fully contracted, the phenomenon appears dilated. The biological activity of human life phenomena exist, symbiosis Total interest, so we wanted to use photographs, video, instead of the body of the iris iris image of a living body is impossible to guarantee the authenticity of the physiological organization. 

    Non-contact: you can get a digital image of the iris from a distance, without the user touching the device did not infringe on the personal, and thus likely to be accepted by the public. 

    Uniqueness: refers to the information contained in each of the iris is not the same, exactly the same form of the possibility of iris tissue is much lower than other organizations. Fibrous tissue complex and rich details of the iris, and its embryonic form and send Students stage of the organization of local physical and chemical conditions, with great randomness, even if the use of cloning technology can not replicate an iris. Identical twins of the iris texture information is different, the same individual left and right eye iris They will not agree with each other. 

    Stability: Iris in a person's life are extremely stable, before birth (fetus 7 months) has been formed, stereotypes 6-18 months after birth, then life-long disease without causing general damage to the iris tissue. will not cause wear and tear due to occupational and other factors. 

    Security: the impossible in the absence of a serious impact on the visual characteristics of the situation surgically alter the iris, iris features more impossible to change a person and characteristics of a particular object was the same as with photos, videos, body iris instead of a living body iris image can be checked out.