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Introduction of Standalone facial recognition time attendance device with fingerprint scan

Biometric Facel Time recorder Machine FR602

FR602 is a cost-effective facial fingerprint attendance machine. Simple operation, easy installation. It is a collection of facial, fingerprint, password and card in one. Facial and fingerprint identification speed, cheap. Applicable to all countries.

1. Independent facial algorithm, high speed and stability
2. Capacity: 1000 faces and 5000 fingerprints, record capacity of 300000.
3. 3D recognition, dual LED lamp combination camera.
4. Support the T9 input method, can direct input on attendance machine employee information such as name, department.
5. Can realize work reminds, voice prompt to work, go off work, late, leave early information


Operating system: Linux Ver 3.65
Display Color screen: 2.8 inch
Sensor: Optical sensors
User registration capacity: 5000
Face registered capacity: 1000
Fingerprint registration capacity: 5000
Card capacity: 5000
Password: 5000
Record Capacity: 30000
Records management: 10000
Recognize methods: Face, fingerprint, card, password; support 1: N and 1:1
Recognition speed: < 1s
Language: Chinese,English, Arabic, Spanish, farsi, French,Turkey, etc
Voice: Chinese,English, Arabic, Spanish, farsi, French,Turkey, etc
Support T9 input, The clock RTC,Self-checking, Power management, sleep function