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Internet of Things "marriage" intelligent security

  • Author:zz
  • Source:zz
  • Release on:2017-02-16
   Intelligent security is based on the development needs of things, its products and technologies in the realization of the application process, is the field of security applications of high-end extension, it can be said that the essence of things is intelligent. Therefore, the realization of things security technology is reflected in the security of intelligent. Internet of Things in the application, transmission, perception of three levels for the intelligent security can be applied to the technical content, which means that the original is not a standardized industry for a comprehensive, systematic provision. Intelligent security is to achieve a local intelligence, local sharing and local feature sensing. It is because of the local, this kind of local information, only for our networking technology in the field of intelligent security provides a display space.
    From the current point of view, the security of several major categories of products are related to sensor technology, such as: the essence of the camera is the collection point of information, coding equipment is the information of digital transformation point, they combine to complete the first step of things networking, Is the application of CCD sensor technology, alarm products are mainly infrared sensor technology applications. Security industry to carry out a comprehensive IT, Internet, that is, after the IP architecture, technology and systems, will also use the Internet, 3G and other means of signal transmission, and the corresponding physical transport layer. Internet of things three elements, the core is the perception, that is, the most front of the sensor part. In general, the sensor, including RFID, various types of sensor probes, data acquisition devices, and with intelligent video analysis capabilities of the video capture device, in essence, is a more intuitive and intelligent sensor, it can be through intelligent video analysis technology Awareness of the goals and behavior of the video scene. With the development of intelligent video analysis and automatic identification technology, video perception will become the most important perception technology, become one of the most important technologies of information sensing layer.
    So far, most of the understanding and application of intelligent video analysis are also limited to moving target detection (perimeter intrusion prevention), a small amount of application related to target recognition and video optimization, application has not yet been a breakthrough, what kind of application is Intelligent video analysis technology market world it? Standing on the Internet of Things application point of view of this problem, it is easy to get the answer. Intelligent video analysis technology can perceive the data and information, you can use it to expand the application of this data and information direction. In the face of Internet of Things applications, intelligent security solutions to solve the massive video data analysis, storage and transmission problems, will be combined with intelligent video analysis technology, cloud computing and cloud storage technology, research and development for the Internet of Things architecture solutions. Video data is a valuable information base, contains a lot of information and not only for the security field, can also be used for urban management, traffic guidance, business analysis, smart home and many other people's livelihood services, will continue to explore the intelligent video analysis technology From the security field to the field of service, and has a lot of successful applications.
    It is worth mentioning that the Internet of things intelligent security, its intelligent platform should be synchronized with the construction. Because in the construction of the Internet of Things, only the basic application platform can not be used, only the construction platform can not use, large operators, platform providers are doing big common things, personalized can be specific Application, but also must build a basic application subsystem. The city public security intelligent video surveillance platform, for example, is based on the government support, through the Internet of things to identify, collect, transmission system under the third-party intelligent platform. It is the video information for the "material", by giving the IP address makes the original scattered in the various departments, the units of the collection of video information through the Internet of things, and focus on a city management platform to form a "person" (platform operators) and Intelligent city, digital urban management, urban card system, intelligent building, telemedicine, remote care ... ... including financial, education, justice, and so on, the wisdom of the city video surveillance system, alarm service platform, import and export control, fire safety systems, intelligent home, Environmental protection, and so on all kinds of industry applications into the business management platform. Based on the Internet of Things intelligent monitoring service platform will bring opportunities to the industry, not just security.