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Internet + access into the future direction of the industry to develop new markets of concern

   In recent years, security equipment is increasingly oriented towards the Internet from traditional stand-alone mode. Whether it isSecurity camera,still isAccess Control SystemInternet all
It has become theSecurity access control equipmentNew media, new means. Such emerging Internet-based security products have gradually into people's lives
And it is playing an increasingly important role.
   First, the access control of the development process

   Early access control system is often referred toElectronic locks, MainlyElectronic magnetic card lock,Electronic locksIt appears the two lock up from a certain extent
People management level of the entrance channel, so channel management into the electronic age. But card failure rate, easy to copy, easy to vent password
Lu and other issues, have been gradually phased out, the application is not very extensive.

   With proximity card technology,BiometricsDevelopment, access control system has been leaps and bounds, entered a mature stage, there has beenInduction Cassette
Access Control System
,Fingerprint Access Control System,Iris Access Control SystemVarious techniques of facial recognition systems access control systems, they are security, convenience in
, Manageability and other aspects have their own strengths, applications access control system more widely.

   Second, the current mainstream of the basic functions of access control

   Evolving access control system, constantly perfecting its features, there are the basic functional requirements of the current market demand for access control system functions and expansion
Exhibition functional requirements.

   Basic functions: 1 access control: the card is valid and Permissions area to set strict access control access control personnel. 2. Access Level
Do not define and assign permissions: different periods of schedule, applied to the corresponding access points form access level. The system should be defined on the cardholder
Assign the appropriate access permission level. 3. run offline: offline access controllers can manage; various alarm output, record keeping and other functions; net
When the network to restore, all data is automatically uploaded. The forced entry alarm: to prevent unauthorized users from forcibly broke into the house, the control panel by detecting the door status
Changes in the input signal to touch alarm linkage mechanism. 5. access to records preservation: all incoming and outgoing data are stored in a uniform format in accordance with the server database
The freedom to seek according to various conditions and is ready to back up, to solve the traditional paper documents to find difficult, difficult problem of long-term storage. 6. Data
Encryption: encrypt all data stored in the database to prevent unauthorized personnel .7 free to view data in real-time monitoring: real-time video surveillance system
Butt Applications

   Currently a number of access control products gradually into the market homogenization problem. With Internet + concept being sought, the future for access control system must be in
On how cloud computing, mobile Internet convergence. From the industry event of the 15th Shenzhen CPSE end of October, the number of manufacturers have focused on the
Explore the development direction.

   Third, access the Internet + Advantage

   Well, the Internet + access control system what advantages exist it?

   1) secure access to network support integrated cloud services; 2) support in mobile phone side to complete the registration and certification of identity; 3) support for mobile keys to open the door
, You can conveniently smartphone or tablet PC and securely access; 4) mobile access media scalable to support a variety of communication; 5) Support
Mobile terminal access control and real-time management personnel;

   Fourth, the Internet + access optimistic about future

   With the development of Internet technology, access control, locks market in recent years began to join the new development vitality. Internet access allows usersAccess
Connect to remote configuration, or through a separate Internet access control intranet. For small businesses, the use of the Internet access into
Line access control and access control will become more convenient and affordable. Visible, Internet access control, locks the system will continue to gain market recognition and selection
. Therefore, it also requires security vendors to effectively provide flexible solutions, research and development to produce a strong relevance and adaptability security access control products
To attract users to the eye, to benefit the benefits brought to market recovery.