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Intelligent home security in access control security knowledge

  • Author:zzx
  • Source:zzx
  • Release on:2015-12-29

Home SecurityHe talked about for many years, but it is all the people of home security has a very clearly defined, which is the Chinese home security market has not flourished An important reason. In people's living standards continue to improve today, for the modern home life, many families just stop at the modern luxury decoration, but the concept of smart home security has not been fully accepted by ordinary families, People of home safety awareness are also still in the security area.

Home Security Access Control knowledge

The so-called home security includes two different security objects, the first is the safety of persons and family property, followed by security devices in the home. Usually people mention when we talk about home security is up to the former, while the latter has always been not been much attention. But it is precisely these were overlooked part, they are often an important part of the risk of the occurrence.

Improve home security feature is actually connecting home devices to the alarm control facilities to achieve the illegal intrusion of theft, looting and emergencies timely warning, rescue and protection. Functionally Subdivision, can be divided into video intercom, perimeter protection, home safety, emergency, radio alarm, sound and light alarm, anti-hijack alarm. The home security alarm also includes a burglar alarm, fire alarm and gas leak alarms, etc. Wait. All family safety detection devices, such as fire class (smoke, gas leak alarms, etc.), anti-theft class (Menci, magnetic window, a variety of monitors, security curtain, emergency button, etc.) are connected to the home Intelligent end End its status monitoring. When an alarm occurs, the family intelligent terminal will operate according to various alarm settings including: start alarm and linkage device, set alarm phone call. As connected with the community systems, but also While the alarm sent to the cell monitor server.

When it comes to home security, access control should be regarded as the most important part, a goodAccess Control SystemDevices for home security role is very important, and in access control products constantly updated process, many manufacturers have door Ban of function gradually to the diversified development. For example, many products now have access control security system connected with the community, the use of a control platform to control security of the entire community, regardless of which households outbreak situation, as long as a The alarm button can spread to the community, and some can also directly to the public security departments across the network. Improve the alarm speed, but also the family losses arising from violations by the minimum. With constantly updated science and technology, now Home security concept has increased from simple personal protection gradually shift multimedia, Internet-style protection, regardless of the risk, in which case the system can automatically send an alert. Greatly improving the safety factor of home.

Understanding Biometrics

BiometricsIs based on the biometric with the "All different, life-long, carry" the characteristics, the use of biometric or behavioral characteristics of individuals identification technology. Bioassay species altogether Two, (1) biological characteristics:Fingerprint, face, palm prints, iris, retina, pulse, ear; (2) the behavior characteristics: signature, voice, keys and other efforts. The fingerprint identification technology is the most mature biometric technology A branch is one of the most widely applied technologies.

Fingerprint recognitionAs recognition technology has a long history, it has a solid market backing, according to the average person's borrowing, fingerprint recognition technology through the local feature analysis of global fingerprint characteristics and fingerprint feature points Such as ridge, valley and end, bifurcation point or points of disagreement, the feature value extracted from the fingerprint can be very detailed and reliable to confirm a person's identity through fingerprints. Average each fingerprint has several unique measurable characteristics Point, each feature point feature has about seven indicators, so our fingers produce measurable least 4900 independent feature points; that's enough to confirm whether the fingerprint identification is a more reliable way.

Over the years, mankind has mastered the use of the latest technology for fingerprint identification technology goods turned unremitting efforts, since the seventies, with the development of computer technology and CCD image acquisition technology into Cooked, commercialization of fingerprint identification instrument began to appear. Since 2000, along with the global information industry innovation, fingerprint recognition technology has reached a high level, is widely used for civil and labor market.