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Intelligent building access control system in the residential security of

  • Author:zzx
  • Source:zzx
  • Release on:2015-11-27

Under the dual promotion of scientific and technological progress and people's demand for mobile communications services, building doorBan intercom systemIt is applied to each cell. So highly intelligent security access control is how to achieve the integration of it? Look at this!

Alarm and event information management

In access control systems based on composition of the integrated security system includes front-end controller integration and management platform two parts.

This kind of access control system based on an integrated approach to do that the main function of the whole system is biased in favor of access services and access management. "When an event occurs, it must start with the front-end system for target alarm Detection, when the alarm information transfer back to the management center, by calling the video image to view the scene in real time. However, in this series of reactions, the alarm system is only an early warning mechanism, and the video system to achieve complex view Nuclear, only the access control system in order to truly realize the scene to control the situation.

Of course, once an event occurs, the hard disk video recording system and matrix controller system of all alarm events (access control, alarm, patrol, etc.) can be linked TV monitoring system respond accordingly.Biometric time attendance software. For example, when When the access control system in a door is opened illegally, the integrated system will control the matrix controller television monitoring system of this door is switched to the corresponding camera image on TV monitoring system displays the main screen and integrated systems management platform On the same time to start DVR recording, if the camera PTZ, you can control the PTZ rotation to set a good preset position on the management platform.

Meanwhile, the system also has alarm events trigger the execution of the script functions, which can be based on user needs some alarm events to be associated with the DVR controls, such as trigger DVR to start recording when an alarm event starts, remote execution of DVR control program, but also by the requirements of the query to retrieve video information.

In addition, you can access the system at the time of the alarm event recording view live video, matrix control module of the system but also on the choice of the decoder camera direct control, and usually has built PELCO, PHILIPS, PANASONIC and other matrix controller control protocol, enables control of other brands Matrix.

Integration with other software between

For security systems integration, it is not only to be achieved between the various hardware integration, but also with other software (such as: fire alarm, building automation, information dissemination, elevator control, consumer systems, daily management, etc.) were integrated, it can be integration depends on a variety of hardware devices openness agreement that these devices whether hardware provides the interface and protocol.

Only hardware to provide a unified interface (SDK or API function), software to interface to the hardware through unified management and control, and always grasp the hardware working condition.Fingerprint Attendance Management System. Of course, soft Members should also provide mechanisms for collaboration strategies and plans. While the system software integration should also support hierarchical management, such as the Mass Transit System software integration including operations management center software integration and station-level software integration.