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India built in biometric database the world's largest

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  • Release on:2016-05-25
Aadhar get 12 digit length coding biggest advantage is that the Government will be able to bank accounts linked with poverty, direct cash benefits and other subsidies to make bank transfers. Currently, India has nearly 40 million bank accounts established with Aadhar data matching. Market research firm CLSA report shows that Indian government $ 250 billion worth of subsidies and other national treatment in more than 40% for the country's poor, but puts them in the coming years wasted on government corruption. Aadhar program able to remove the middle part of the process, the people need government subsidies to direct cash transfers, curb corruption in this way. But there are also include Internet and Society in Bangalore center (Centre for Internet & amp; Society), including think tanks and activist for the issue of privacy has always been skeptical, even questioned the whole project can play much effect. Depth world's largest multi-biometric database try and Aadhar project officials met understand security issues, current progress, and their criticism of the use of MongoDB technology response. Aadhar finally agreed Friday in the southern outskirts of Bangalore headquarters to meet with me, Intel and Cisco headquarters in India are also located in the area. From the outside, all Indian nationals stored data (the current amount of data 5Petabytes) of Aadhar Technology Center is not like a government building & mdash; & mdash; it is easy to think that is close to Intel or Cisco's office in a . I walked inside, I came to a central location Rooms with a dozen television screens, several young engineers twenties sat excitedly in front of their computers in Jianpanshangqiao strike, query data stored transports packages information, the whole scene like an advanced control center. They stared time and attendance software for small business at the TV screen shows the data package (about every 5MB) records from the National 30000 Entry into the center, through the verification process at least hf access control rfid card three times the information. Verification process for each parcel a dossier employee attendance tracking system repetitive inspection to ensure that the same person twice Aadhar number will not be generated. That is, each set up a new data file, it is necessary for all existing files to run once & ldquo; go repeatability & rdquo; test, now this figure has exceeded 500 million. Former Intel engineer Srikanth Nadhamuni in September 2010 helped design the Aadhar technology platform, which is currently in Bangalore Khosla laboratory operation. He told me that these packets have been 2048-bit encrypted storage process, if there is an unauthorized attempt to call is triggered self-destruction (self-destruction) function. Related criticism against MongoDB why Aadhar beginning to cooperate with MongoDB? Whether this partnership will continue forever? Assistant Director General Technical Center Aadhar Sudhir Narayana expressed, MongoDB just one data retrieval initially selected several products, but also includes MySQL, Hadoop and HBase. And only capable of storing different population data MySQL, MongoDB can also store images. But then Aadhar most databases will gradually be transferred to work on MySQL platform, because they realize that MongoDB can not handle large-scale data, which is millions of data packages. At present, they are already using & ldquo; database fragmentation (databasesharding) & rdquo; technology: data package will be stored on different machines, ensure that the system does not crash when you increase the amount of data. This approach helps reduce Aadhar for MongoDB dependence, and use MySQL to store most data. Deputy Director-General Aadhar Technology Center AshokDalwai tell me, MongoDB can not call any biometric data. & Ldquo; We believe that the use of open source technology to avoid over-reliance on a supplier's situation, but this does not mean that we in any way to compromise safety. & Rdquo; AshokDalwai says. A spokesman for MongoDB aspects when we link the interview, to suggest that we read about In-Q-Tel investment declaration file on the company's website. More importantly, India's unique identification bureau (UIDAI) long before this start-up companies for investment from In-Q-Tel has been using MongoDB open source software technology. Crunchbase data show, MongoDB only in 2012 from Red Hat (Red Hat), Intel Capital (Intel Capital) and In-Q-Tel tripartite raised a total of $ 7.7 million. How Aadhar prospects? Despite all the controversy aside, Aadhar will be completed in 2014 more than 1.2 billion Indian nationals entry target data, the total database will reach 15petabytes. The current rate of progress of the project is 100 million people every day, starting from next year will achieve a speed of about 200 million people every day, the remaining 700 million people included among this database system.