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Huifan is looking forward to participating in the Singapore Planet Biometrics Exhibition with you.

  • Author:HFSecurity
  • Release on :2019-08-01

To know better Singapore market, approach closely to our customers and supply more solutions in 
local, We HFSecurity will visit Singapore and exhibite at Planet Biometric 2019, 

booth number:202, date:8th to 9th October,2019

Huifan Group is located in Chongqing city, Southwest of china. Her several brands,
HFSecurity,Bio, Heystar, are widely in the field of interior decoration. Weprovide
your one-stop solution insecurity and protection with the most orofessional and
exprienced team in China, Pakistan, and United Kingdow.

Fingerprint Scanner

HF7000 USB Bluetooth Fingerprint Scanner HF-OS300 dual fingerprint optical fingerprint scanner HF4000 USB optical fingerprint scanner

Fingerprint Handheld Terminal

FP05 Biometric Tablet FP07 fingerprint tablet FP08  fingerprint handheld terminal

Time Attendance

RA05 Facial Time Attendance HF-A5 Fingerprint time attendnace

Planet Biometrics is an exhibition for
Biometric identity equipment, such as facial, fingerprint, Vein etc.
With this exhibition, we will take our biometric models, like fingerprint scanner, 
android biometric handheld terminal, time attendance, access control. We warmly invite you to visit our 
HFSecurity booth for futher discussion.Welcome to contact us in advance as follow in

Chongqing Huifan Technology Co.,Ltd

Email: info@hfcctv.com

Tel: +8613667681778

Youtube: Huifan Technology

Facebook: Huifan Technology