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Huifan Team Competition-the Travel to Create a Better Self

  • Author:zz
  • Source:zz
  • Release on:2016-04-15
In 2016, Huifan held a special team competition, that is to find who will be the champion. There are 5 teams in Huifan: Asia team, Europe & America team, The Middle East team, Africa&Latin America team and Shenzhen team. All will face fierce competition to be the champion in each month, if this team holds continuous 2 months champion, they will win the opportunity to travel. 
This PK is meaningful. First, it can inspire the potentiality of sales. They will try their best to follow up clients, improve their skills on how to communicate with customers. Second, it will encourage the mutual learning from each other. Sales will share their successful cases on how to get the orders, they will learn their advantages so it will build a good atmosphere to learn. Third, it can motivate our dream. We will be clearer of goals and fight for our dreams, they must engage themselves on their work and insist on, overcome many difficulties, correct their disadvantages and go beyond themselves.
This is a big challenge, but also a gold chance, let’s expect for those heroes to be the best.